6 of Our Favorite Ikea Home Office Items

Everyone knows that IKEA offers affordable furnishing solutions for your home, but if you’ve overlooked these unique home office finds you are missing out. One of the advantages of IKEA furniture is that is extremely versatile. DIYers and innovative consumers can turn ordinary IKEA furniture into perfect pieces for a variety of home office situations, especially if you are just starting out working remotely and need affordable furniture, or are trying to squeeze office space for two people into a small home. 

Read on to discover our 6 favorite IKEA home office items.

Vittsjo shelves

These shelves are a must have in your home office. The Vittsjo shelves start off with white frames and glass shelves. We love the glass shelving because it lets light shine through, increasing how big your space appears. If the white frames bore you, you can add a coat of glam gold paint to spread some luxury vibes into your space, or a bright color to really let your personality pop. No matter what you do with them, these shelves provide all the organizational space you’ll need and look great decorated with your office plants and décor.

Alex drawers

These drawers function as an excellent file cabinet because they are both stylish and functional. They are a modular system so you can purchase individual pieces to suit your space and your needs. But, to really draw out their functionality, use them as the legs for your DIY office desk. There is plenty of room to store all your things, and you can customize the size of your desktop.

Standing desk hack

You can DIY your home office standing desk, too, with a little piece of Ikea furniture. The Lack side table is an affordable little table (coming in at under $15) and is the perfect height to add to your existing desk. You can attach it to the top of your existing desk to get an extra 17 inches of height, making it just the right size for your standing desk needs.

Decorative boxes aren’t just for decorating

Grab a few boxes to store your stuff because nothing makes your space feel more usable than having some really great organization. These ones are glass so you can see all the things inside and not spend hours searching for a paperclip. If that doesn’t suit your office decor vibe, there are so many Ikea storage options to choose from. Pick the ones that best match your home office theme or personality. 

Adjustable workstation

Save space and don’t lose any sense of style with the Kallax line of storage shelves. Their adjustable desk space is the perfect work station because you can decide on the height of the table top. Besides being a large space to work, it also has cube storage spaces to organize and also hide your stuff, keeping your office both functional and looking tidy. 

Space saving lighting options

We love this simple wall light. It is designed to highlight a piece of art on your wall, but its sleek design and directional capabilities make it a great choice to add to a small home office space. It can highlight your work space or just add a little additional lighting to a dark corner. Ikea has several small work lamps to help keep your space cheerfully lit, including these adjustable (Jansjo) lamps in bright colors. They add both whimsical charm to a home office space while adding necessary task lighting. 

It doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor to decorate your office with the necessary furnishings to make you a successful remote worker. Using some of our favorite IKEA pieces can deck out your space in no time.