6 Shared Home Office Ideas for Two People

Creating a perfect home office space can be a challenging endeavor. You want to create a space that is functional, creative, and allows your work to thrive. When you are attempting to create a place where more than one person can work at a time, the challenge can be even more difficult to tackle. Whether you’re building a place where you and your partner can work side by side all day, or arranging your office so you can work while the kids do homework, a shared workspace will definitely require a bit of planning ahead of time.

You’ll need to create a comfortable yet inspiring space, that is well organized, and offers ample room for everyone to feel productive. While sharing an office can be lots of fun, it is essential to keep in mind that everyone who uses the space will have unique needs to complete their work.

Matching desks

In a small room, it can be difficult to find arrangements that work for two people. However, if you can find two small, matching desks you can create a unity that is pleasing to the eyes as well as the workload. Each person using the office could choose their own unique chair and lamp to give their workspace some personality.

One desk and a cozy spot

Another option would be to install only one desk in your workspace, but to include various other seating options so that one person could be working at the desk while the other uses comfortable seating in another area of the room. If your career doesn’t require the use of a desk on a regular basis, this may be an excellent option. We love the idea of using a functional, but eye-catching table as a second desk space. 

Look away

If you’re easily distracted while working it would be better to have two separate desks that face away from one another to help you find a place to concentrate fully on your tasks.

L-shaped or two-person desks

There are so many desk configurations available to purchase You’re certain to be able to find a pre-made desk that fits your budget and your space perfectly. We really love this two-person desk which has one sitting desk and one standing desk attached together. This allows some flexibility in how you complete your work for the day.

However, if you have a uniquely shaped room, or you find yourself wanting to dive into a DIY there are bunches of do-it-yourself plans available to build the standing desk of your dreams.

Other aspects of the perfect shared office 

Add some life

If you’re going to be working in close quarters with another person, it is important to create a space that is inspiring and calming. Especially when mixing multiple personalities and styles into a small space. The power of plants in the workplace is extremely positive. Adding plants into your room gives you something pretty to look at, can help cleanse the air and aid in your focus.

You can even use plants to break up the space by keeping a shelf of plants between desks as a dividing wall.

Organization is key

Sharing a space is hard, but sharing a space with someone who is untidy is especially difficult. Make sure your shared office space has strategic organization in place to ensure everyone has ample room to be productive. Keeping your desk supplies and work station organized is a must in order to work well within the confines of a shared office.

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