Amazing Things You Can Experience While Working Remotely

Working remotely provides a whole other level of freedom. When all you need to do your job is a computer and a WiFi signal, there’s no where you can’t go and nothing you can’t do (within reason). It’s a work method that literally allows you to “have your cake and eat it too” as you can advance your career and make money while checking items off your bucket list.

Become a digital nomad

If the idea of staying in one place too long bores you, consider joining the hoards of digital nomads who continually travel the world while maintaining their careers. You can be in Bali one day and Cambodia the next without missing a beat.

Move to a new country and learn a language

You may have to adjust your work hours and notify your boss (or clients) but there’s really no reason why you can’t spend some time living abroad. And while you’re there you might as well enroll in language classes.

One Remoter staff member is moving to France with a plan to continue working while studying French part-time, and why not? As long as you can get your work done you might as well travel and experience new cultures.

Buy a ticket, pack your laptop, and go! | Submitted by Remoter Staff

Catch-up with friends and family

When you have a traditional job there is never enough vacation time to visit all the family and friends you’d like to. When you work remotely, you can pack your laptop and hit the road, visiting with friends after your work day is done.

Be present for your kids

Most parents don’t have the option to eat lunch with their toddlers or be there for every basketball game, but when you work from home you can arrange your schedule so you never miss an important event or moment in the lives of your kids.

Family is important | Submitted by Chris Payne

Find your productivity sweet spot

Most traditional jobs require you to work Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. but when you work remotely you often have the flexibility to shift your work days and hours to align with when you’re the most productive. If you’re a morning person, why not start your day at 7 a.m. and wrap it up early enough to squeeze in a late afternoon run? If you live for the nights, sleep in and start your day when you feel ready.

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