Apps That Make Working Remotely Easier

Remote workers have the luxury of working from anywhere. You can take your Monday morning meetings at your favorite cafe, or while on vacation with your family. Working remotely has a ton of benefits, but sometimes it can get a little unorganized.

Sure, all you really need is a laptop, internet, and a phone to get the job done, but it also helps to have the right apps. Most companies and remote workers have the basics, like Microsoft and Google suites. Those are great, but sometimes it feels like you spend half your time going from one place to the next. What about apps that help connect your work and projects?

If you work remotely, or from home, these five apps will make your workday easier

1. Basecamp

Keep track of projects and campaigns with Basecamp. This app allows you to communicate with each team member and stay on top of teamwork. No matter what job you need to get done, this app can help. You can replace email communication with the app’s message board feature. Now everyone can stay connected at the same time. 

Basecamp is great for remote workers who still need to work in groups and teams. You can sign in from anyplace and on multiple devices. This app can save time, because you can keep everything you need in one place, instead of juggling numerous platforms. 

2. Zoom

If you’re looking for an app that will connect you with your colleagues, Zoom is a great choice. Zoom’s app can be downloaded on your phone or another device. You can go to meetings while sitting on the beach. As long as you have an internet connection, you can collaborate face to face. Depending on the rules, you may need to bring a pair of pants just in case.

The reason we like Zoom is because of the number of people you can have in one conference. Depending on the subscription plan you can have anywhere from 100 to 1,000 participants. 

3. Every Time Zone

With Every Time Zone, you will have an easy to use reference for keeping track of different time zones. Now every team member can keep track of scheduling no matter where there are located. This app is an excellent tool for companies and organizations that are spread out all over the globe. 

Remote workers that might need to collaborate with colleagues on the other side of the world can see at a glance what times will work best. Scheduling meetings, presentations, and phone calls have never been easier.  

4. Wunderlist

If you need help keeping track of your to-dos and other lists, download Wunderlist. This app can keep track, prioritize, and schedule your tasks. What makes this “list” app better than the others? This one is sharable and works with personal and professional lists. You can create a list, decide who can see, and who can make changes. 

If you work remotely, your entire team can see and work from the same list. Now you know what still needs to get done or who finished each project. 

5. Workfrom

Find a place to get work done. Whether you are looking for a quiet place for a meeting or you want someplace that’s buzzing with action, this app will find it. Workfrom uses your location to find places near you that has what you’re looking for in a workspace. The recommendations are crowdsourced and come from members. This gives unique insights for each location.

Even if you have a dedicated workspace, it is nice to get out. Sometimes leaving the house and working around other people improves productivity. It can also help reduce the risk of social isolation.

If your work from anywhere life starts feeling unorganized, try out apps designed to keep everything in its place. After all, remote work should come with more balance and less stress.

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