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4 Tips for Succeeding as a Freelancer in Today’s Gig Economy

Experts across different fields all agree on one thing: the way that we work is rapidly changing. While the influences driving these changes range from globalization to automation to cultural shifts, the impact is that today’s workers have to be more flexible, self-motivated, and creative than ever before. It also means that many people are going …


How to Structure Your Work Day Based on When You’re Most Productive

“Work smarter, not harder.” You’ve probably heard this saying before, but when you are a remote worker, it takes on new meaning. After all, productivity is one of the primary reasons that companies are allowing their employees to work from home and hiring freelancers for certain tasks. Working remotely allows for reduced distractions and intense focus on …


How to Maximize Productivity as a Remote Working Parent

Remote work can be an absolute lifesaver for working parents who need the flexibility to wrap their working life around caring for their children. There is even evidence that moms with flexible hours make more money. Of course, one of the biggest perks is that remote work allows working parents to spend more time with their kids, leaving …


How to Maximize Your Time While Traveling and Working Remotely

Working remotely has many perks, but when you find yourself traveling and facing down a deadline, the pressure is on. Between the hustle and bustle of fellow travelers, the disruption to your schedule, and the loss of your comfortable workspace, you might find it difficult to get work done. With a little planning, though, you can find …


5 Things You Need to Do Before Taking the Leap to Travel and Work Remotely

If you’ve been fantasizing about a life of sandy beaches, exotic locales, or backpacking across Europe all while making a living as you work remotely, it might be time to stop dreaming and start living. Thanks to technological advancements, remote working opportunities are on the rise. In addition, the people who have adopted remote work overwhelmingly say …