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How Remote Workers Should Prepare for a Day Away From Their Home Office

The thought of working outside an office almost creates an instant Pavlovian response nowadays due to many generations slaving away in boring or chaotic office settings. Far too many people still have to work in office cubicles and deal with typical politics. Remote work opportunities are now more evolved than ever, making it possible to …


Signs You Aren’t Cut Out for Remote Work (and How to Adapt)

Working remotely sounds attractive to most people initially. Working from home and having the freedom to do a professional job in your pajamas or outdoors, sounds appealing to many traditional office workers. While we don’t recommend working in your pajamas out of principle, other things might occur that indicate that remote work isn’t the best …

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How to Find a Work Mentor When You’re a Remote Worker

Being able to work remotely has gone mainstream in a new way, especially with the ability to expand options when finding mentors. Remote workers have been around for a while, but you’ll find many who’ve taken it to new levels recently, using newer technologies and a whole lot of practicality. Those who’ve made it work …

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5 of the Most Common Work From Home Job Titles

Working from home sounds enticing, but before you work remotely, you have to find a work from home job. Thanks to FlexJobs, there’s a handy list of the most common remote work job titles to make your job hunt easier. Below we list five of the most common titles and delve into why the career …