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How to Master the Remote Work Lifestyle

There’s something appealing about working remotely; you’re in charge of your own schedule and can work out of your own home. For millions of people around the globe, this dream has become a reality as the ability to work remotely becomes more available in the well-connected modern world. Unfortunately, the remote work “dream job” doesn’t …


What to Expect When You First Start Working From Home

At long last, you get to work from home. No more commuting to the office each day by car or bus, and no more having to deal with other people. You’ll just get to focus on you, your work, and you can do it all from your pajamas! Right? Well, kind of.  Many people have …


The Connection Between Remote Workers and Sleep

A recent survey by AmeriSleep is shedding light on the connection between remote workers and sleep. The survey wanted to find out whether the time saved commuting and a greater flexibility in schedules would lend to remote workers getting their necessary eight hours a night. They also wanted to see how sleep, and remote working …


Practical Tips for Avoiding Burnout as a Remote Worker

While the idea of working from home (or on the go) is exciting, it has the potential to come with some very serious downsides. One of those is the potential to over-work yourself and, ultimately, end up suffering from something called “burnout.” Most new remote workers think the very idea sounds crazy. Didn’t you start …


How to Survive a Work Call in a Loud Environment

Working remotely can be a dream come true, but there are a whole new set of job skills you need to learn to do the job efficiently. Besides navigating your own scheduling and potentially learning new programs, basic telecommuter manners is a big one. One place where this becomes evident is when you try to …


Tips to Structure Your Remote Work Day so Work Doesn’t Take Over

Working from home is a dream job for many, but working remotely requires professionals to hone an entirely different set of skills. One of those necessary skills? Knowing how to structure your work day so you’re productive, while ensuring you don’t suffer burnout from doing nothing but work. While it may sound ridiculous, many telecommuters will tell …

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US Cities With the Highest Number of Remote Workers

Telecommuting has numerous benefits. The flexible schedule is perfect for stay-at-home parents, travel enthusiasts, and college students. There are no “office politics,” and remote workers are in charge of their own productivity and pay–which means there is no glass ceiling or set number of work hours each week. If someone wanted to make some extra cash by …


10 States With the Most Full-Time Remote Workers

While remote work has become increasingly popular across the board over the last five to ten years, there are some US states where people have latched on to the idea more than others. Remote working, also known as “telecommuting” has numerous advantages for people with the necessary skills. It opens up a whole network of job opportunities in places …

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9 Industries With the Most Remote Jobs

People are working remotely now more than they ever have before. A recent study showed that as much as 43 percent of all Americans spend at least a portion of their work week doing their tasks from home or on the go. At least some of these people work remotely full time. But just which industries are most …