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The Best Travel Gifts for Digital Nomads

Is there a remote worker in your life who’s getting ready to travel the world? There are certain travel essentials that they will definitely want to have when they hit the road. Here is a rundown of the coolest gifts to pick up for your favorite digital nomad. Noise cancelling headphones Besides their laptop, headphones …


Find Coworking Companies With Locations All Over the World

Demand for coworking spaces grows every year, and coworking chains offer many attractive benefits for workers with remote jobs. They have locations all over the world and excellent, consistent amenities that let you be productive no matter where you are in the world. There are several different companies that truly have global locations. They offer …


Must-Have Software Technology for Remote Workers

Working from home or anywhere in the world is now a reality for millions of people, and the remote workforce continues to grow. The reason this possibility even exists is because of technology. The internet is the foundation for everything, but there are also key pieces of technology that can improve your quality of life …

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Detox Your Workspace With These Home Office Plants

Looking for ways to detox your office environment? Getting rid of toxic coworkers by working remotely is a great first step. Now, it’s time to think about your home office environment. Indoor air pollution is a subject people don’t think about very often. However, since most remote workers tend to work indoors, it’s something that …


4 Co-Living Spaces Created for Digital Nomads

One big reason people love the idea of working remotely is the freedom it brings. As long as you have an Internet connection, you can literally work from anywhere in the world. If you’re currently working remotely from home but dream of working in an international city, it’s time to explore your options. Co-living for digital …

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Joanna Gaines Inspired Home Office Decor

Modern farmhouse design is sweeping the country, and home offices are no exception to the trend. Joanna Gaines is leading the way with her gorgeous and functional style that is perfect for your workspace, whether you have a big or small space to work with. Joanna Gaines’ home office decor is simple and classic, with a twist …


The Best Mobile WiFi Hot Spots for International Travel

The one essential ingredient to a successful career working remotely is a strong internet connection. If you’re traveling while working, or spending extended periods of time in an exciting international city, you’re dead in the water without strong mobile WiFi. It’s incredibly important to find the best hot spots for international travel and remote work …

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Great Home Office Ideas to Tackle Clutter

Conquering clutter is at the top of everyone’s list these days, and your home office should be no exception. In fact, your home office should be the first spot that you get organized. An organized office increases your productivity and peace of mind, and provides you with a professional space to further your career. Here are some …