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The 10 States With the Least Number of Full-Time Remote Workers

The concept of remote working is becoming increasingly more popular in the US but it has taken off in some states more than others. Colorado, Oregon, Vermont, and Montana head a list of some of the states in which a significant portion of the population telecommutes full time.  This new reality of employee flexibility isn’t as …


Work From Home Tips for Remote Workers Who Are Just Starting Out

Through either an arrangement with an employer or your freelance work, you’re now a remote worker. Congratulations! While in many respects working remotely can be similar to working from an office environment, there are actions you can take to help you make this adjustment and succeed in your new role.  Here are some working from home …


How to Tell if Your Work From Home Life Is Balanced

When done right, working from home can help you maintain a solid work-life balance. It’s also easy to let your work-life balance get out of hand without proper precaution. Maintaining a separation between your personal and professional life is important to both your success at work and creating a happy and healthy life outside of …


Online Resources Every Remote Worker Should Have Bookmarked

Remote workers spend the majority of their day online. Whether they’re working from home, a coffee shop, or traveling while working from some other type of workspace, there are several remote work resources every remote worker should have bookmarked on their laptop or device to help them work more effectively. Here is a list of …

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Our Favorite Inexpensive Home Office Standing Desks

If you’re a remote worker who works from home, it’s important to avoid sitting all day. Nothing helps you do that like a great standing desk. It’s one of the most important accessories a remote worker can have. Don’t worry if you’re on a budget though, as there are some wonderful inexpensive options for standing …