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The Freelancer’s Ultimate Guide to Health Insurance

If you are new to self-employment, the prospect of finding health insurance may seem overwhelming. If you previously had a traditional office job, signing up for health insurance was likely as easy as choosing one of the few options your employer provided. But as a freelancer, contractor, or self-employed worker, you will no longer have …

Money Hacks

Remote Jobs That Are Perfect for People Who Love to Travel

Have you wanted to travel more, but just can’t find the time? The good news is that working from home greatly opens your schedule and makes your dreams of traveling the world easier than ever. Thousands of people have made the jump and ditched the office for a more flexible lifestyle. And while most remote jobs …

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Back Problems? Your Home Office Chair May Be to Blame

A home office chair is often considered to be just another piece of office furniture. It’s not unusual for someone new to remote work to go out and buy the cheapest chair possible, just so they can have a designated place to sit. But as we learn more about spine health, it is important to …


Tips to Avoid Social Isolation When You Work From Home

Are you worried about going stir-crazy if you work from home? What about social isolation? While it’s not an all-consuming problem and shouldn’t stop you from ditching your office job, it is a valid concern. Going from being around co-workers all the time to working on your own can be a startling adjustment. But working from …


4 Ways Working From Home Can Bring More Balance to Your Life

Are you constantly feeling like you never have enough time to get things done? No matter how hard you try, something always falls short. Unfortunately, this feeling has become all too common. For those working the standard 40-hour office job, it can be hard to find the time. If you have made the decision to …


These Major Remote Work Pros Will Make You Rethink Your Office Job

Have you considered ditching your office job and trading it in for a home office, but aren’t sure if you’re ready to take the leap? Maybe you’re worried you won’t like it, or maybe you think you don’t have what it takes to stay motivated without the demands of an office. Changing jobs, or just …

Money Hacks

Tips to Make Traveling and Working Remotely Affordable

If you’re like us, the idea of traveling and working remotely probably sounds like a dream come true. But for the average person, the cost of travel is usually enough to stop them from even looking into the idea. What would you say if we told you that traveling while working remotely doesn’t have to be as …


Gear Items You’ll Need If You Want to Travel and Work Remotely

The transition from working in the office to working on the road is quite a big adjustment. Suddenly you are going from an environment where your employer has provided all the tools you need to do your job, to one where you are furnishing your entire office. On top of the normal office equipment, you …