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Rolling Remote With Kalila Bodden

Kalila Bodden found a way to build her business, get sweet 1:1 time with her husband and dog, and travel every 4-6 weeks — all while working from her home base in the Caymans. A significant part of her work is helping others, particularly women, accomplish their own goals. “I support introverted women in creating …

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Rolling Remote

Rolling Remote With Wayne Saucier

Wayne Saucier and his family fully embrace the digital nomad lifestyle. He and his wife sold all of their belongings and hit the road with their 4-year-old and 2-year-old in tow. They’ve spent time in Canada, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia, before riding out the current COVID-19 pandemic in a slightly more permanent spot in Mexico. …

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Rolling Remote

Rolling Remote With Marissa Taffer

Like many of us during these pandemic times, life looks a little different than normal for Marissa Taffer at the moment. She owns and runs a consulting practice focused on business development, project management, and content creation with clients in New York and partners in Prague. But right now she’s getting extra familiar with her …

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Rolling Remote

Rolling Remote With Alexandra Dima

Alexandra Dima called Bucharest, Romania home for the past 13 years, but she and her husband Andrei are ready for a new location. Together, they’re using the perks of remote work to help them discover the place they’d like to call home next. Alexandra is a digital project manager and Andrei is a travel photographer; …

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Rolling Remote

Rolling Remote With Ariana Lum

Ariana brings a palette of pastels to the remote workforce. She’s a graphic designer by trade, and embraces the remote work lifestyle by working from her bed, the local coffee shop, or her native Hawaii. When it’s time to mix things up, she embarks on solo travel adventures — iPhone in hand to illustrate the …

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Rolling Remote

Rolling Remote With Beatriz Afonso Santos

Beatriz Afonso Santos has embraced the digital nomad lifestyle wholeheartedly: She’s currently based in Brazil but has spent the past several years taking in the sights and lifestyles of numerous locations. “In the past five years I have been working from many diverse places, including a trailer in the middle of the woods in Vancouver …

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Rolling Remote

Rolling Remote With Emily Breuninger

When your Instagram handle is @restless_emily, you’d better have the ability to move from place to place with ease. Luckily for Emily Breuninger, her work in partnerships at Zapier allows her to travel as often as she pleases. In this case, that means that she’s traveling full-time — she literally doesn’t have a home address. …

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Rolling Remote

Rolling Remote with Keisha Singleton

Keisha is a full-time mama and freelancer; working with clients to supply the right type of written content for their business or social media profiles. She runs her business, Craft Content Solutions, while also keeping up with her busy daughter and family in Brisbane. Keisha aims for balance between her work and her personal life, …

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Rolling Remote

Rolling Remote with Cait Scudder

The best mentors have often walked the path before you. In the case of Cait Scudder, she’s successfully built her own business empire from the ground up, mentoring and coaching high-achieving female entrepreneurs. “My jam is helping women turn their unique zone of genius into an irresistible, purpose-driven, profitable brand and online business,” she says. …

Caine Smith and his partner, Nancy, in Egypt
Rolling Remote

Rolling Remote With Caine Smith

Location can be everything when you’re creating stunning videos for clients, and Caine Smith gives his remote “office” views a shakeup to match. For that last few years he’s been trotting the globe while also growing his video production company, AirVu Media. Between that and soaking up the views at Airbnb spots from the Caymans …

Rolling Remote

Rolling Remote With Sandhya Ramachandran

Sandhya is the head of communications at NewCampus, a school for professionals that offers virtual classes hosted by global entrepreneurs. The daily classes are streamed live and focus on the future of work and our culture in relation to technology. Classes have covered topics like digital literacy, food production evolution, and problem solving–all taught live …

Rolling Remote

Rolling Remote With Lasma Berg

With two remote jobs, Lasma’s remote work life is a busy one. She works for Financer.com, a financial-tech company, as an executive country manager and is the founder of Remote Nest, a site that helps people set up a remote career and improve their digital marketing skills. Lasma takes full advantage of the remote work …

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Rolling Remote With Eugene Granovsky

Eugene leads a small software team at bellaWatt, a company that builds usable software for the energy industry. From design to development to project management, the team is involved every step of the way and utilizes their energy expertise to make sure the resulting product is top-notch. As a six year veteran of remote work, …

Rolling Remote

Rolling Remote With Kendal Paley

Kendal is a human resources generalist who clocks in from her home on wheels, a 2016 self-converted Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van. She travels with her husband Max, a musician, and their husky-malamute mix, Ralph. The three are slowing making their way to Alaska after spending some time in Baja, and are updating their blog and podcast …

Rolling Remote

Rolling Remote With Tammie Figlinski

Tammie is a remote social media manager and owner of Lost My Desk, a program that inspires and teaches people the skills needed to become a remote social media manager. A nine-year remote work veteran, Tammie shares photos of her journey and her experience working remotely where the biggest pro for her is the fact …

Rolling Remote

Rolling Remote With Raluca Apostol

Raluca lives and works in Bucharest, Romania, but she connects clients in Europe, North America, Africa, and Asia from her home office. She owns her own marketing agency where she creates and implements marketing strategies for B2B companies, mostly in event marketing. Her job is to increase event attendance, generate leads, and develop her client’s …


Amazing Things You Can Experience While Working Remotely

Working remotely provides a whole other level of freedom. When all you need to do your job is a computer and a WiFi signal, there’s no where you can’t go and nothing you can’t do (within reason). It’s a work method that literally allows you to “have your cake and eat it too” as you …

Rolling Remote

Rolling Remote With Rod Cook

Rod has always been involved in marketing and sales, but currently he’s all about remote work (us too!). A Remoter himself, he’s started a coliving and coworking retreat program from his private estate in the Provence region of France. The coliving retreat is set in a creative paradise where remote workers can reset while finding …

Rolling Remote

Rolling Remote With Nina Rose Morrissey

Not every remote worker stresses over WiFi and stares at a screen for 8+ hours a day. Nina intentionally eschews tech for a paper planner, handwritten to-do list, and a sketchbook to organize and run the business she co-owns with her significant other, Peter. The duo dream up wearable art and home goods for their …

Rolling Remote

Rolling Remote With Samantha Urioste

As a freelancer Samantha (or Sam) works on various marketing and project management jobs from wherever she happens to be living that moment. Rather than spending money on a fancy home office, she travels, working from coffee shops in cities like Lima, Bogota, NYC, and Santa Fe. “Basing myself in a city for one month …

Rolling Remote

Rolling remote with Andrew Blomberg

Andrew works remotely for International Insurance, an international insurance brokerage. The company is based in Boston, but Andrew and his girlfriend chose to escape the cold, heading south for the winter to work remotely. When Andrew contacted Remoter, he was working from Florida, but plans to continue making his way around the US, chronicling his …

Rolling Remote

Rolling remote with Sophie McAulay

Sophie has been working remotely for less than a year, but in that time, she’s covered a lot of ground. Originally from Sydney, she’s travelled around Peru, Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala, the United States, Turkey, and the Ukraine. When she’s not exploring new cities around the world, she works as a growth and content strategist for …

Remoter Confessionals

I Was Caught Working Without Pants On

“It was cold and I was feeling lazy, so I just rolled out of bed (bringing my down comforter with me) and started working. By 2 p.m. I still hadn’t washed my face or put on pants. It was then that my neighbor dropped by with holiday treats. My front door has a big window, …

Rolling Remote

Rolling remote with Melanie Walker

Melanie runs her own online CBD business, which allows her to make a living while traveling the world. To date, she’s been traveling for over 2 1/2 years, visiting places like Chile, Canada, and Bali. “I’ve seen so many amazing places, and my bucket list is still getting bigger and bigger. But the amazing thing …

Remoter Confessionals

My Niece Crashed My Work Call

“When I first started my job I had an important video call for work. Mid-call, my niece barged into my house and came right over to see who I was talking to. I muted myself and turned off my camera but not before everyone saw her. It made everything more awkward because then I had …


Best Places to Travel and Work Remotely in International Cities

Whether you’re on your first international work-cation or are an experienced digital nomad, there’s guaranteed to be a period of adjustment after you arrive in a new city–especially when that new city is in a new country. Whether you’re traveling in the US or internationally, the first couple days are all about scoping out your …

Rolling Remote

Rolling remote with Andrew Coburn

For Andrew, the perks of remote work are the little things: working from the comfort of his Crocs, the quiet, and being able to pace during conference calls. Andrew owns Urban Rural Continuum, a community and environmental planning firm, based in Colorado. He works with his clients to facilitate positive change in urban areas, rural …

Rolling Remote

Rolling remote with Camilo Luna

Camilo is a freelancer based in Colombia who primarily works as a web developer for Bitnation and does some additional work for the Colombian branding agency, Alunizar. Because Bitnation is headquartered in Europe, Camilo does a lot of real-time work first thing in the morning and uses the quieter afternoon hours for focused work. Based …

Remoter Confessionals

I’m a Member of Team #NoPants

“I never wear pants at home when I’m working. I like it because it’s freeing. Then, I wear an apron when I cook and my wife says it’s sexy.” Anonymously share your funniest, most embarrassing, darkest, and most relatable remote work confessions, here.

Rolling Remote

Rolling remote with Damien Housseau

Damien manages all things IT for No Desk Project, a company that organizes work and travel experiences for remote workers (they also have a great job board). The company launched last year so Damien has been busy. He shares the uncommon productivity tip he uses when he needs to find deep focus and the balance …

Remoter Confessionals

The Lesser Known Benefits of Remote Work

“The best parts of working at home are obvious: no commute, being closer to my kids, and not having to buy expensive office-appropriate clothing. The lesser known benefits people don’t talk about are things like being able to fart, pick your nose, clip your fingernails, having access to your own bathroom after eating overly spicy …

Home Office

The Best Standing Desks for Your Home Office

Some days working from home means not leaving the house. Like many of our Remoters, you may migrate from bed to your home office to the couch and then back to bed. It can be easy to spend a full day sitting, in fact, the average American spends 13 hours a day sitting, according to …

Rolling Remote

Rolling remote with Nate Smith

With one foot in a traditional office and the other in his camper van, Nate is part of the 43 percent of Americans who work remotely at least some of the time. Nate owns Smith Law Firm, a law practice specializing in real estate, homeowners associations, environment, and public lands. He often clocks in from …

Money Hacks

7 Essential Tax Tips for the Self-Employed

If you have a regular W-2 job, filing your taxes may be an annoying annual task, but nothing more. In fact, with programs like Turbo Tax and TaxSlayer, filing can be easy. You enter your income and let the program guide you through the steps to determine if you’re eligible for any deductions. But when …

Remoter Confessionals

I Was Caught Shirtless on a Work Call

“I had no shirt, messy hair, and sleepy eyes when I decided to assist a US firm with debugging. I immediately turned off my webcam, but it was too late. From that point on, I always cover my webcam.” Anonymously share your funniest, most embarrassing, darkest, and most relatable remote work confessions,  here.

Rolling Remote

Rolling remote with Missy Davies

Running a successful business while living abroad is what many Remoters dream of. Missy does just that. As an American living in Italy, she makes her living running a Facebook ad agency called Social Factor Marketing. She works with small businesses–particularly those in the health and fitness industry–to generate leads for their business. When she’s …


Best Places to Work Remotely in Major US Cities

When you work remotely, one of the biggest benefits is the ability to take your work with you, allowing you to visit family, friends, and new places. An impressive 85 percent of Remoters report that travel flexibility is one of the biggest pros of working remotely. The idea of hopping from city to city sounds …

Remoter Confessionals

New Job, Nothing To Do

“I had just transitioned to a new remote position with a completely new team, so I didn’t have much I could do. Therefore, I spent almost a week with my laptop open, watching Netflix on the couch. Don’t worry, I answered all two emails I received that week…” Anonymously share your funniest, most embarrassing, darkest, …

Rolling Remote

Rolling remote with Shauna Gordon

Shauna makes a living working in web application development, but outside of work, her interests and passions are varied. You’d be just as likely to find her enjoying a virtual reality experience as you would be to find her making soap or working in her garden. Below, she shares a photo of her home office–where …


Remoters Share Their 9 Favorite Work From Home Productivity Tips

America may be having a love affair with the idea of remote work, but staying focused and productive while working from home can be difficult. Over 20 percent of Remoters surveyed said they struggle to remain focused while working from home. When there’s always laundry that needs to be folded, dishes to put away, and …

Remoter Confessionals

It Looked Like I Was Naked on a Video Call

“The best parts of working at home are the obvious, no commute, being closer to my kids, and not having to buy expensive office appropriate clothing. The lesser known benefits people don’t talk about are things like being able to fart, pick your nose, clip your finger nails, having access to your own bathroom after …

Rolling Remote

Rolling remote with Wendy Pochop

After working in customer-centric leadership roles for over 10 years, Wendy got a taste of working remotely and decided to launch Untethered Success, where she encourages women get out of the cubicle by helping them secure remote careers. Wendy doesn’t just help others find remote work, she loves and lives the remote work lifestyle. Working …

Home Office

Home Office Decor to Upgrade Your Workspace

When you work from home there’s no one to see–or judge–your home office. You can work from the kitchen table, the couch, the bed…whatever. But when you work remotely day in and day out, there’s something to be said for having a built out home office. It’s where you’re expected to think big. It’s where …

Remoter Confessionals

I Spent the Day On YouTube

“Automated big task of the day and spent the day watching YouTube videos.” Concerning, yet impressive. We have no idea how one would go about doing this, but this Remoter was able to outsmart the system and was rewarded for it. Anonymously share your funniest, most embarrassing, darkest, and most relatable remote work confessions, here.

Rolling Remote

Rolling remote with Emily Sellers & Wheeler Juell

Emily and Wheeler are a couple, world travelers, and co-owners of Made By Latitude, a creative studio that offers photography, web design, graphic design, and branding for businesses of all sizes. The duo was inspired to start Made By Latitude while kicking it on a beach in Bali, and that start is reflected in their …