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Apps That Make Working Remotely Easier

Remote workers have the luxury of working from anywhere. You can take your Monday morning meetings at your favorite cafe, or while on vacation with your family. Working remotely has a ton of benefits, but sometimes it can get a little unorganized. Sure, all you really need is a laptop, internet, and a phone to get the …


Tips for Working Remotely With Kids Running Around

Working from home can save you time and money. It can also help reduce stress and create better work-life-balance. If you’re a parent, working from home can be life-changing. Many parents have to choose between staying home with their kids or sending them off to daycare. Working remotely can merge the best of both worlds. …


5 Ways Working Remotely Improves Health

For many people, working remotely sounds like a dream. If you’re stuck working in a traditional office or cubicle setting, you might spend a good portion of your day thinking about the clock. You might feel resentful that you’re stuck inside on a bright sunny day. That’s no way to spend 40 hours a week. …

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10 Reasons You Should Consider Self-Employment

When we were young, we were told we could be anything we wanted when we grew up. What we weren’t told was that growing up meant dealing with traffic, difficult coworkers, and someone else’s organizational structure. Even if you landed your dream job, you might have some complaints. For many people, the “work dream” now consists of working from …