7 Best International Cities for Traveling and Working Remotely in 2019

Whether you’re a newbie to the idea of traveling while working, or you’re a digital nomad looking for the next stop, choosing where to go can be challenging. You’ve got to take into account the cost of living, WiFi speed, and lifestyle, then consider more serious things like safety, healthcare, and air quality. Several of our Remoters participated in work and travel programs like Unsettled or Remote Year, which take care of details for remote workers, while others travel and work independently.

Using the feedback from our tribe of Remoters and the crowd-sourced data on Nomad List, we’ve compiled seven of the best cities for remote work and travel in 2019.

Canggu, Bali

Life in Canggu is known for beaches, whole food cafes, and hip coffee shops. You can rent a one-bedroom studio for under $350 a month, get a meal for $4, and work from the black sand beach for a few hours until you’re tempted to swap out your laptop for a surfboard.

The WiFi in Canggu is rated well but Leilani recommends checking out Outpost, her favorite coworking spot.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

When most people think of Thailand they think of beaches, but Chiang Mai sits in the mountains of northern Thailand. You can rent a one-bedroom studio for just over $300 a month, a coworking space for around $100 a month, and grab a beer with friends for under $2.

Traffic safety is a common concern, but the city is rated high for walkability and their easy-to-use city bike system.

Bangkok, Thailand

A glimpse into Bangkok’s street food scene | Submitted by Remoter Staff

Bangkok is a little more expensive than Chiang Mai, but when it comes to convenience, Bangkok is hard to beat. The city is one of Southeast Asia’s main hubs, so if you like to travel, you’ll find cheap flights all around Asia.

In Bangkok, a one-bedroom studio rents for just under $650 a month, but you can get a full meal for just over $2. WiFi tends to be strong and there’s plenty of coworking spaces.

Mexico City, Mexico

Two Remoters–Becca and Jenn–checked in with us from Mexico City while traveling around South and Central America with Remote Year. For coworking spots, Becca recommends Publico while another Remoter, Leilani, loved Tierra Garat in the Roma neighborhood of the city.

The cost of living in Mexico City meets Southeast Asia’s low prices with a one-bedroom studio going for just over $450 a month. A good meal will cost you under $5. The biggest things to consider before packing your bags and moving to Mexico is safety and air pollution.

Prague, Czechia

Prague is the only European city to make our list for several reasons. For starters, the cost of living is lower than popular Western European destinations like Paris and Barcelona. Plus, a beer typically costs less than a bottle of water. What’s not to love?

A one-bedroom studio averages just over $700 a month while a coworking space will cost you under $200 a month. If you have the flexibility, nomads agree that summer is the best time to live in the city as the winter months can be dreary and cold.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires | Submitted by Remoter Staff

Our only pick in the southern hemisphere, Buenos Aires is the perfect place for summer (or winter!) chasers as their summer season starts in December and winter begins in June. The vibe in Buenos Aires is young and vibrant while the city itself is full of history and old architecture.

A one-bedroom studio in the downtown area runs for just over $200 a month and the estimated monthly cost of living for an expat is just over $700 a month. According to Nomad List, the downsides of working and traveling in Argentina is internet speed and safety.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Like the travel and work spots in Thailand, Vietnam is well regarded for its digital nomad scene. The city is full of foreigners on laptops, but still retains its authenticity. Vietnam’s coffee culture makes finding a coffee shop with WiFi easy, while coworking spaces cost less than $100 a month on average. A one-bedroom studio in the center of town runs for around $400 a month and like the rest of Southeast Asia, eating and drinking is cheap. The biggest concern for most travelers in Ho Chi Minh City is the city’s poor air quality.

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