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Best Home Office Plants for Dark Workspaces

If you work from home, good for you! Now, let’s talk about how to make your home office a place that is comfortable, healthy, and inviting. One way to make that happen is with houseplants. Easy to do, if your space is filled with natural light. Not so simple, if your home office is on the dark side. No worries. We checked out the best home office plants for dark workspaces. Here’s what we found out.

Benefits of home office plants

Believe it or not, house plants can make you feel better and function more efficiently. Healthy house plants not only look good, they have the innate ability to boost your mood. They may even improve health and concentration, says House Beautiful magazine. Ferns, ficus, flowering plants, and other foliage help to remove toxins from your indoor air, but not all of them are right for low-light conditions. Which are? Read on to find out.

Plants that thrive in low light

Lucky bamboo

Known to botanists as Dracaena sanderiana, lucky bamboo thrives in its native Cameroon. Interestingly, the plant is not a true bamboo, despite going by alternate names such as Chinese water bamboo and friendship bamboo. This pretty plant is practically indestructible and does very well in low light.

Chinese evergreen

Aglaonema is a hearty indoor plant with leaves that offer soothing shades of green and gray. Tropical in origin, Chinese evergreen prefers high humidity, so keep a mister bottle handy and give your plant a few spritzes between twice-weekly waterings. This plant doesn’t mind being a bit pot-bound, so it’s a great choice for at-home workers who don’t have a lot of time to fuss with houseplants.

Golden Pothos

If you’re looking for a home office plant that can prosper in the most unforgiving conditions, Golden Pothos may be just right for you. Its smooth, heart-shaped leaves are some of the best indoor air purifiers around, and the plant requires little maintenance aside from periodic watering when soil surface feels dry to the touch.

Snake plant

Also known as Mother in Law’s Tongue, sansevieria provides striking stripes of color, and it cleans the air, too. Often recommended for bedrooms due to its ability to convert C02 into oxygen after dark, a snake plant offers bountiful benefits to home office workers, as well.


If you want to give your home office a boost of long-lasting color, look no further than the bright and beautiful bromeliad. Related to pineapples, Aechmea bromeliads can hold onto their brilliant blooms even when they receive very little light. For optimum results, purchase a plant that’s already in bloom, and be sure not to over-water your bromeliad.


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With dozens of varieties to choose from, you’re sure to find a dracaena that works wonderfully in your home office space. Some of our favorite dracaena species include tropical Ti plants and Dracaena Draco.

Dumb cane

Due to its tolerance of low-light conditions, Dieffenbachia is one of the best home office plants there is. Dumb cane cleans the air while boosting your mood every time you gaze at its variegated green-and-cream color leaves. This one’s toxic if eaten, so be sure to keep your Dieffenbachia well away from kids and pets.

Spider plant

A tropical native, Chlorophytum is one of the easiest plants to propagate. In fact, a healthy spider plant may produce baby plants several times a year. For best results, grow your spider plant in a hanging pot to enjoy its long, grass-like leaves from every angle.

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