Best Places to Work Remotely in Major US Cities

When you work remotely, one of the biggest benefits is the ability to take your work with you, allowing you to visit family, friends, and new places. An impressive 85 percent of Remoters report that travel flexibility is one of the biggest pros of working remotely.

The idea of hopping from city to city sounds appealing, but in reality, finding a coffee shop with reliable Wifi (and no screaming children) in a new city can be an overwhelming task. To help you out, our tribe of Remoters have called out the coffee shops and coworking spaces they swear by, to make that new city a little less daunting. For cities where we don’t have Remoter feedback, we’ve curated spots based on reviews, spaciousness, location, and coffee quality (of course).

The Bean in NYC | Remoter Staff

The Bean in New York City

There are a few locations around the city, but our favorite is the spot on Broadway right off of Union Square. Grab a window seat for prime people watching, order the Nutella Fitzgerald (espresso, Nutella, milk), and settle in.

If you have a day full of calls and intense work, it may be worth it to spring for a coworking space. Jonathan suggests Prosper Gowork in Brooklyn. They have two locations and a drop-in visit is $25 for the day.

Crema in Denver

This is the sort of place you’ll be tempted to spend your entire workday. Get there early for one of their fast-selling breakfast burritos and a cup of Crema’s house coffee (unlimited refills) and find a spot near the front of the shop.

Midday, stretch your legs by walking to the nearby Mestizo-Curtis Park, the oldest park in Denver, before coming back to try the pork belly banh mi or the luxe PB&J.

Storyville in Seattle

Seattle is the land of coffee and while you could easily park yourself at a Starbucks and be happy, we recommend trying a local favorite. If you find yourself in the downtown Pike Place Market area, try a cup of Storyville’s coffee and top if off with their homemade cashew milk. When you need a break from work, you can walk downstairs and cruise around the market.

If you find yourself in West Seattle, Jessica recommends setting up your remote work office at C&P. She says, “I love this neighborhood gem, C&P, because they have big vintage writing desks and friendly baristas.”

Bodega in Los Angeles

With locations in both Santa Monica and Pasadena, Bodega is a great spot to settle in, open your laptop, enjoy a cup, and get to work. When Rachel isn’t globe-hopping, she works from the Santa Monica location.

Plus, when you’re done drinking coffee, Bodega makes the transition to wine easy with their curated wine list.

The Waterbird in Asheville, NC

If you find yourself in Asheville during the work week, Tracy recommends The Waterbird. The spot in North Asheville does it all. You can start your workday with a full breakfast and a coffee and end it with a cocktail. The deviled egg flight is supposed to be amazing, so if you’re a fan, end your day with a sampling.

The Hoxton | Remoter Staff

The Hoxton in Portland, OR

Located right in the center of the city–at the foot of the Chinatown gate–is The Hoxton hotel. With a prime location, the hotel lobby doubles as a workspace for guests and locals. You can find a plush chair, sit by the windows, order a Mexican hot chocolate (or a latte, of course) and get to work. Wifi is fast and free (no password required), the hotel’s restaurant serves up a mean fish taco, and the people watching is fantastic.

Upper Cup Coffee in Columbus, OH

While it might not be immediately on your radar, the city of Columbus is coming into its own. Our Remoter Shauna says she loves Upper Cup Coffee, especially in the winter when you want to stay cozy and snug. Drip coffee is less than $2 and you can nosh on a grilled cheese for $2.50.

If you find yourself in Dayton, Megan recommends Press. They manually brew their coffee, roast it in-house, and have a good selection of locally-made pastries.

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