Clear the Clutter: The 7 Best Organizational Additions for Your Home Office

When you work from home, one of the most important things you’ll need to do is stay organized. This applies to your time, your tasks, and most importantly, your work space.

How do you keep clutter from taking over your home office? Check out these cool additions to your home office that will amp up your organization game. 

1. Shelving

The right shelf storage is the first step in your home office organization. There is no end to the variety of shelving available, from freestanding units to a built-in wall full of shelves. Don’t forget about closets in your home office, especially if you’ve converted an extra bedroom into an office. You don’t need the closet for clothes or hanging items, so fill that space with shelves and you’ve just gained a huge amount of storage. 

2. Storage boxes

Pretty storage boxes give you a perfect spot to store things, and a nice decorative pop to your office shelving. You can choose various sizes to hold everything from electronic chargers and cords to thumb tacks. Putting things in containers and labeling them is about the oldest organizational trick in the book, so what are you waiting for?

3. Storage bench

If you have a small home office, items that do double duty are lifesavers. A storage bench is a great solution that adds seating as well as storage for bulkier items. Putting partitions inside the bench is a great way to take office organization even further. 

4. Drawer organizers

The humble drawer organizer is getting a lot of attention lately, and for good reason. Drawer organizers turn a pile of clutter into a streamlined part of your day. You can use a specifically made office drawer organizer, or just use a silverware tray. You can also take smaller boxes or bowls and use those as your drawer organizers. The main goal is to separate things by type to keep them organized. 

5. Whiteboard

A whiteboard is central in big brainstorming pushes. | Submitted by Tracy Sigler

These awesome organizational tools aren’t just for corporate conference rooms. Whiteboards are a great way to stay on top of tasks in your home office. Give your board a prominent place in your office, and keep it updated daily. It is helpful to have your tasks on display instead of tucked away in a notebook. White boards don’t have to be ugly either. Give yours a nice frame and it will blend right in with your office decor. 

6. Filing cabinet

Keep a filing cabinet within easy reach of your desk so papers can be filing into it immediately. Paper clutter can quickly take over your life when you have a home office, so staying on top of it should be your top priority. Have a file for each client, task, or project. While a filing cabinet is essential, many remote workers are trying for a paper-free office, scanning their documents and storing them in the cloud instead of in their office. 

7. Modular closets

If you’re short on office space, a modular closet that you put together yourself may be your best solution. Modular closets are pieces you can put anywhere, and they can function as your entire office if you place them near a table or work space. These little units provide shelving, drawers, and sometimes even a desk space. When you’re done with your work, simply shut the doors and your office is neatly out of sight. 

Try a few of these pieces in your home office and you’ll see the difference right away. Getting organized is one of the best things you can do to increase your productivity and lower stress when you work from home. 

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