4 Co-Living Spaces Created for Digital Nomads

One big reason people love the idea of working remotely is the freedom it brings. As long as you have an Internet connection, you can literally work from anywhere in the world.

If you’re currently working remotely from home but dream of working in an international city, it’s time to explore your options. Co-living for digital nomads is an awesome solution that can make affordable worldwide travel a reality.

Coliving for digital nomads

First of all, what exactly is a co-living space? For a freedom-loving worker with a travel bug, they are like something from a dream. These incredible places let digital nomads live and work in unique locations all over the world. Each entrepreneur has their own private or semi-private room, and there is shared space for community and collaboration.

As remote work and the gig economy has grown in popularity, co-living spaces are emerging as a fantastic way to combine the best of life and work. 

Working by the pool has never sounded nicer. | Submitted by Melanie Walker

A few of the best worldwide co-living spaces

Co-living spaces combine the conveniences of your own office and comforts of home with the chance to experience a new place with like-minded people. Whether you’re staying a week or several months, here are a few of the most amazing co-living places for digital nomads to consider. 

Casa Netural in Matera, Italy

Soak in all the culture and beauty of Italy at Casa Netural, a co-living and coworking space. It’s a great way to save money and put in a lot of productive working hours, all in a comfortable, innovative space.

Located in a historic neighborhood in Matera, Casa Netural’s amenities include private offices, a dedicated room for video calls, WiFi, meeting rooms, and a fully stocked kitchen. 

Sun and Co. in Javea, Spain

A quaint, historic, seaside village awaits at Sun and Co. Here you’ll find a friendly group of like-minded individuals in a gorgeous setting. The community invites entrepreneurs, freelancers, remote workers, and digital nomads to experience all that the community has to offer.

The 19th century, four-story house offers private or shared rooms, a gourmet kitchen, and community spaces like a BBQ terrace and patio. Office amenities include:

  • 20 work stations
  • 300 mbps/300 mbps WiFi
  • Printer, projector, LCD screens
  • Dedicated video call room
  • 4G SIM card 
  • Scheduled events and meetups

Coco Hub in Birgu, Malta

There’s only one way to find out why Malta is becoming a hot destination for digital nomads, and that’s to go there. Coco Hub has a co-living and coworking environment that is sure to get your creative juices flowing. Here, work and play get equal attention.

The 400 year old townhouse has all the amenities you need to get your job done, and its location in the heart of the historic Maltese town means you’re close to all the action. 

Nomad Cruise from Gran Carina, Columbia to Lisbon, Portugal

For a true digital nomad experience, why not hit the high seas? The Nomad Cruise lets you find your tribe, with 300+ entrepreneurs and free spirits aboard. Cruise from Gran Carina, Columbia to Lisbon, Portugal on a skill-sharing adventure that creates friends for life. The experience includes 12 nights in a private cabin with all meals included. The ship is an all-inclusive work station and participants get to connect, learn, share, and create for an unforgettable experience. 

If you’ve got the urge to explore the planet while you work, check into one of these incredible co living arrangements for digital nomads. They are just a few of a growing number of opportunities to live life on your own terms and connect with fellow digital nomads with a taste for adventure. 

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