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DIY Home Office Decor to Freshen-up Your Workspace

Looking for ways to get a fresh look in your home office, but don’t want to shell out a lot of cash? Doing things yourself is an easy way to update your home office decor on the cheap. You can do a crafty project or simply use everyday items in new ways. If your workspace is functional, but just needs a little pizzazz, here are a few fun DIY ideas that will put your home office in high gear

Office memo board

Ditch the boring cork board and try using a large metal grid instead. You can buy these online, or re-purpose some heavy duty gardening mesh. Simply hang it on your wall with some hooks or nails, and you’ve got instant vertical storage. Use clip magnets or hooks to hang your pictures and reminders. 

Under-shelf organization

In your home office decor, organization should take top priority. If you’re low on space, an under shelf organization system is a clever solution. All it takes are some jars with lids, a screwdriver, and a few screws.

Simply remove the shelf, and use short screw to attach the jar lids to the underside of the shelf. Replace the shelf, fill your jars with office supplies, and screw them into the lids. It’s a fantastic use of space that will help keep your office organized, and might make you nostalgic for your grandpa’s garage workshop. 

Fun flip calendar

Let’s face it, calendars are usually not the most exciting things to look at. However, you can add a dash of fun to your desk with these two ideas to remember the date.

  1. You’ll need a small wooden box, some gift tags, c hooks, gold number stickers, and some watercolor paint. You can create an ombre effect by dipping the gift tags in a mix of watercolors and water, before letting them dry. Find the full directions here
  2. You can also use painted blocks with number stickers on them as a flip calendar. 

Funky office clock

Looking for a creative office idea with the wow factor? Try jazzing up the humble office clock. Start with a plain office clock and grab a bag of confetti, or make your own. Use a foam brush to cover the clock with a thin layer of glue, and then press the confetti into it. Do one section at a time to make sure the glue doesn’t dry before you get to it. A confetti clock is an easy project that adds a fabulous pop of color to your home office decor. 

Office supply containers

Here is a simple project that will take you back to your grade-school days, but don’t worry, it’s still just as fun and functional today. Reuse tin cans from the kitchen by washing them thoroughly, then gluing pretty fabric or paper around the outside. You could also print out your own photographs and use those to cover the cans.

It’s a quick project that adds flair and helps our environment at the same time. 

Office mail organizer

Staying on top of paper clutter is critical, and it is very easy to add a mail organizer to your home office decor. It’s as easy as repurposing an old shutter. Either buy one from a home supply store or grab one out of the shed, sand it down, and paint it a bright, fresh color. Hang it on the wall and you have instant vertical storage for your bills or mail. 

It’s easy to upgrade your office with a few DIY projects. Try one or all of these idea to get a fresh look for your home office decor. 

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