DIY Home Office Standing Desk

Standing desks are an awesome addition to any home office, but they can also be expensive.

So, you’re ready to try a home office standing desk to improve your work productivity? Try some of these excellent do-it-yourself options to build your own standing desk this weekend!

Have an Amazon box? Why not turn it into a makeshift desk?| Submitted by Andrew Blomberg

Repurpose household items

In a pinch, items around your house might be used to construct a home office standing desk. Remoters have reported using a cardboard box on the dining room table to make it work, while others have tried stacking a chair on the table to reach the necessary height.

Some furniture can make for a great standing desk option. You can repurpose a standard IKEA dresser into your standing desk like this home office setup. Any dresser that’s the correct height will work. The drawers make a great place to stash your office supplies and ready-made furniture adds polish to a room. 

Another alternative is to repurpose a small IKEA side table into a lifted surface on your existing desktop. 

Consider a wall shelf

You can buy a shelf that is already designed to become a nifty little desk and simply hang it on your wall. Or you can use a standard wall shelf with brackets to create your own home office standing desk space. These are excellent options if you’re trying to create a home office and you do not have a huge room to work in. 

Build one with pipes and fittings

If woodworking isn’t your thing, you can build a frame for your standing desk out of pre-cut metal pipes and fittings. This way, you can achieve an industrial, custom desk look, without having to pull out a hammer and nails. If you can, find a standard sized piece of plywood and have the hardware store cut it to size for you. You can finish the top with any color stain you’d like to create your own, personalized look. 

Wooden desk plans

If you’re feeling a little more handy, there are lots of plans online to help you build a home office standing desk to suit your needs. There are easy options which use existing brackets you can simply fit 2x4s into and adjust the height to your preference, or elaborate plans to create the desk of your dreams. 

A home office standing desk can be a really functional upgrade to your home office decor. One of the beautiful things about working remotely is having the flexibility to work when and how, you want. Your desk doesn’t have to be a stationary piece of furniture, you can adapt your work style and your workspace based on your needs and your mood.

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