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Don’t Get Passed Over for a Promotion Just Because You Work From Home

When examining whether to adopt the “work from home” lifestyle, it’s easy to get caught up in the positives. Working from home allows you to maintain a flexible schedule, eliminate your commute, and if you arrange your day correctly, be more productive.

But it’s also important to look at remote work pros and cons when making the determination about working from home. While you do have more flexibility, not being available in the office may cost you valuable face time with your supervisor. 

That’s why it’s critical to follow these best practices to ensure you’re not overlooked in your organization’s hierarchy. Here’s how to make sure you don’t get passed over for a promotion just because you work from home. 

Have statistics ready

Did you know that 77 percent of employees who work from home show an increase in productivity? 

Your boss should

There is significant data that shows working from home to be a net positive for office productivity. When meeting your boss to discuss either your work situation or performance, you should have these figures ready to share. Emphasize that working from home is a growing trend in many locations around the country. This will help calm their nerves over not being able to see and monitor you on a daily basis. 

Pull out those headphones and start communicating | Submitted by Elizabeth Fretz

Communicate proactively

When it comes to working remotely, out of sight can be out of mind. That’s why you should maintain proactive communications with your boss and colleagues. This means emailing or calling frequently to provide and receive status updates.

If your supervisor understands the projects you’re working on as well as their status, they’ll tend to worry less about your job performance. If any potential issues arise, alert them to those issues as soon as you discover them. Discuss your planned remedy and what actionable steps you plan to take to resolve it. 

If you do find yourself receiving an email or voicemail from a supervisor or colleague requesting a status update, respond to this request as quickly as possible. Allow for as little lag time in communication as possible.  

You should not contact your colleagues to the point of overkill. But you should be the one taking the proactive first step to reach out and provide updates. By maintaining proactive communications, you avoid having to constantly react to your colleagues’ requests for information. This will help increase your productivity by controlling how and when you provide updates. 

Keep a consistent work schedule

A big part of working from home is managing expectations from your coworkers. Your team members should know when to expect to be able to contact and interact with you. Keep the same hours every day. Take lunch at the same time every day if you can. If you have something unexpected arise, reach out to your supervisor and colleagues and let them know. 

Treat your home office like you would a normal office. Don’t allow distractions at home to interfere with your work time. By keeping a consistent daily schedule, you create the perception of reliability and consistency. 

Regular hours will make you feel like part of the team | Submitted by Becca Siegel

Work harder

Nothing will help you get a promotion like getting results. 

One of the major benefits of working from home is that it gives you the ability to focus on your responsibilities without the distractions of an office. Use this to your advantage by hitting all your annual performance goals. During your performance review, use statistics and numbers to show your supervisor how your performance has improved and how it’s helped improve your company’s bottom line. 

When you work from home and get results, you make yourself impossible to ignore. 

These habits will help you stay on your company’s radar and put you in a better position to get ahead in your company’s corporate structure. As you analyze the remote work pros and cons, know that the ability to get a promotion if you follow the right steps would definitely fall in the pro category. 

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