4 Essential Skills You’ll Need to Land a Remote Job

You know you’ve dreamed about it. You’ve probably been thinking about it for a while now, because working from home comes with so many awesome perks. You get to spend your day cozied up next to your own personal coffee pot while working in a home office space that you’ve created to support your own need for inspiration.

Or, maybe you’ve been fantasizing about working from your comfy lounge chair on the beach. Perhaps you’re still dreaming of finding a fantastic remote job of your own.

If that sounds like you, and you’re ready to dive into the world of remote worker, you’ll need a few essential skills to be successful. Companies who hire remote workers are looking for people who are tech-savvy, go-getters with a few crucial qualities.

1. Excellent communication skills

Being able to communicate effectively when you work outside of the office is a key component to being a great remote worker. You’ll need to be able to send quality email, participate in video meetings, and likely have excellent phone rapport too.

More importantly, perhaps, will be your skills in using some of the newest technological advances in communication like Google’s suite of products and Skype’s video chat.

Whatever you do, make sure you properly proofread all of your correspondence with potential employers so that you sound concise, intelligent, and most of all, grammatically correct. 

2. Killer organization

When you work from home, you’ll have no one to double check that your desk is clean. It will be your responsibility to keep yourself organized. Make sure you demonstrate this when talking to potential employers by explaining how you’ve managed this skill in the past. You can also show this by having a well-organized resume or portfolio ready to go for your interview.

If you happen to be interviewing via video call, make sure that whatever space in your home is visible to your future employer is neat, tidy, and looks like a great place to work.

3. Endless motivation

When you aren’t in a traditional work environment, it can sometimes be hard to stay on task or feel excited about the job at hand. Make sure you are able to show your employer that you will have the ability to maintain focus and motivation despite being physically removed from the workplace. Think about future projects and how you will be able to contribute to the team as time progresses. What ways would you like more responsibility in the company? Maintaining a proactive attitude can help to demonstrate your motivation to succeed.

That mid-afternoon latte will help your motivation | Submitted by Wendy Pochop

4. Superb balancing abilities

Keeping a work to life balance can be challenging in any career but is particularly problematic for some remote workers. You’ll need to be able to balance your home life, your work responsibilities, and the feeling of solitude that sometimes comes along with working from home.

Your potential employer will realize these things can be a challenge, and they will be wondering how you intend to manage these things as well. Feel free to discuss your concerns with your would-be employer while also highlighting the ways you have been good about balancing your workload in the past. It is helpful to mention what other things you enjoy doing outside of work and explain how taking your dog to agility class in the evenings helps you clear your head to be ready for the next day of work. (Or whatever it is that keeps you feeling positive about your life and work.)

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