Essential Things to Pack When You’re Going to Travel and Work Remotely

Although being able to work anywhere (like your favorite coffee shop or beach villa) is a definite perk of leaving behind your 9-to-5 working constraints, there are some distinct challenges to overcome for those who are working remotely.

One of the most significant tasks to undertake is: what to pack in your bag, so you’re ready to work from anywhere. If you’re traveling, you will need to be able to take your work with you wherever the road takes you, and that comes with some packing problems. How do you ensure you have everything you need to take your job on the road? Careful packing and planning can alleviate some of that stress.

An excellent bag (or two)

A canvas carry-all that can double as a briefcase or purse and also tote your groceries is one of the best bags you can have for on-the-go work travel. Second only to the perfect laptop backpack. Make sure you have a designated place for your clothing and an area that is padded to protect your electronics.

A converter

A small electronic converter will be necessary to protect your electronics if you’re going to countries with different outlets and amperages.

A work outfit

You’ll need a simple business meeting appropriate outfit that you can dress up or down. Think: simple black dress with pearls for an upscale meeting, or a casual cardigan to toss over it for a lunch outing. Or for the men, a smart patterned polo and chinos for a walking and talking meetup, and a blazer to pop on if you’ve got a more serious meeting to attend.

Extra cables and battery power

Your charging cables will take a beating as they are packed and repacked, plugged and unplugged. Having a backup will save you any wasted time if your cords go kaput. You’ll also want to make sure you have backup batteries for all your essentials, but especially for your phone.

Depending on where you plan to work, you could even go as far as to purchase a portable power station. Some of them also charge from the power of the sun.

Organization cubes

Handy, zippered packing cubes will be your organizational lifesaver. You can carefully fold your clothing into one, and tuck your electronics into another. These make it a breeze to see what you need at a glance, and are particularly useful if you’ve packed in a backpack because they’re compact and color-coded to help you know what you need in a bottomless bag.

Great headphones

You’re going to need headphones which also have a microphone capability so that, in a pinch, you’ll be able to successfully video conference from any location. You could also consider the benefits of noise-canceling headphones to help you limit distractions when working from crowded public areas.

This headset has Bluetooth connectivity which makes it really handy for use on the go.

Your own WiFi

There are lots of benefits to bringing along your personal wifi hotspot, the greatest of which is, you’ll never have to worry about missing a deadline because you can’t find internet service. Contact your cell phone carrier to see what plans they have that will be useful in your travels. This can vary a lot depending on if you need service just domestically or internationally as well.

Your favorite water bottle

Staying hydrated is key | Submitted by Shane Carrick

No matter why you’re traveling, for work or for pleasure, it’s a good idea to bring with you your own hydration. Your favorite water bottle can easily be strapped onto your backpack and not take up any extra space but will be worth its weight in gold if you find yourself trying to complete work at a crowded train station with only public water fountains nearby. Besides, you’ll feel good knowing you’re cutting down on plastic water bottle waste.

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