Find Coworking Companies With Locations All Over the World

Demand for coworking spaces grows every year, and coworking chains offer many attractive benefits for workers with remote jobs. They have locations all over the world and excellent, consistent amenities that let you be productive no matter where you are in the world.

There are several different companies that truly have global locations. They offer different packages and arrangements that remote workers can choose from. Most remote workers will choose to “hot desk,” that is to work from various desks within a location and within the entire coworking organization. This style of membership allows freelancers to travel around the world, while having first-class surroundings and all the familiar office amenities no matter where they go. 

Impact Hub

A coworking franchise with locations all over the world, Impact Hub is a great solution for world travelers. It is also appealing for its emphasis on 17 sustainable development goals that range from “no poverty” to “life below water.”

At Impact Hub, community is what it’s all about. They have programs and events for startups and entrepreneurs, and work spaces on five continents. Workspaces have community areas as well as more secluded spaces for phone calls and quiet work. 

Grab a coffee and get to work. | Submitted by Remoter Staff


This coworking company has 3,000 locations in 900 cities and 120 countries. It is the oldest and one of the largest coworking companies around, and offers several different products depending on your needs. These include:

  • Office space – Turn key, furnished, private offices.
  • Virtual offices – Get an address anywhere in the world.
  • Co-working spaces – Access to a desk in a shared workspace. 
  • Meeting rooms – Rent access to a professional place to have a conference or meeting.
  • Membership – Rent work space by the day. 
  • Business Lounge – A global network of workspaces in city centers, airports, train stations, and more.
  • Business recovery – Keep your business going when disaster strikes. 

Their co-working spaces give you the choice of your own permanent desk or hot desk on a first come, first served basis. 


This coworking franchise also has locations all over the world. WeWork offers remote workers beautiful, modern spaces to suit their needs. Shared desk membership in a coworking space includes a permanent or hot desk, high-speed WiFi, printing services, bookable conference rooms, 24/7 building access, front desk reception, mail and package handling, and even micro-brewed coffee and herbal tea.

WeWork’s mission is to help people do what they love, and they are dedicated to small business entrepreneurs. The workspaces they offer are perfect for freelancers, remote workers, and independent contractors. 

Pull up a chair and get to work – no matter where in the world you are. | Submitted by Patrick Barratt


This company works a little bit differently and offers remote workers the complete freedom they crave. With CoPass, you buy a pass to have access to a global network of over 950 unique work spaces. One membership gives you a work space in 87 countries and 565 cities. You can choose a 3 day, 10 day, or unlimited pass, or pay per use. Their main goal is flexibility, and you check into the space of your choice with one click on your phone. 

Some CoPass locations offer accommodations, which makes it a great option for digital nomads. The space managers are individuals, so you could compare it to Airbnb but for remote working. CoPass gives you a chance to meet people who are from the area and get the inside scoop when traveling. 

Joining a business community helps remote workers stay productive and feel included in a community. These are just a few great coworking chains to check into when you’re ready to travel the globe while working remotely. A membership is a great way to combine productivity, adventure, and consistency. 

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