Free Places to Work Remotely You’ve Never Thought Of

Working from home is a dream come true for a lot of people. For some, the thought of freelance work is great, but the idea of spending the whole day staring at your own four walls is a little less appealing. Luckily, whether you’re in your hometown or working remotely from a cool city, there are several free places to work remotely that get you out in the real world while still getting your job done. 

After you’ve completed this checklist of the five things you need to do before starting to work remotely, you’ll want to find some alternative locations for working. Here is a list of awesome places to work remotely for free.


You may not have considered working outside to be a possibility because of internet access. Today, many parks are offering free wifi to connect you with the world. Find a comfortable park bench or picnic table and get your work done while you soak in the rays and the fresh air. Another advantage to parks for dog owners is that you can bring your best bud along for company. 

Hotel lobbies

If you love working in a luxurious environment, a hotel lobby can offer the ideal atmosphere. Often deserted during the week, the lobby of a nice hotel is the perfect place to be productive. Many times, hotels will offer a business center where you can print or fax. While technically you should be a guest to use the lobby and services, most hotel staff will leave you in peace to do your work. 


Your favorite museum might have a quiet workspace. | Submitted by Wendy Pochop

Get inspired by settling down to work at a local museum. Many museums offer free admission or free days for you to take advantage of. Find a quiet spot, hop on their WiFi, and you’ll get plenty done among the artifacts. It’s one of the free places to work remotely that offer unique views and environment will keep you alert and productive. 

The mall

You can always get free wifi at the mall, and it can be an interesting place to work remotely. Malls offer free parking, and the food court is a good place to grab a table and get to work. The constantly changing flow of people keeps you from getting bored, and it gives you great options for lunch when it’s time for a break. 

A pub

Bonus points if it’s an outdoor pub. | Submitted by Rachel Novosad

Most bars, restaurants, and pubs don’t mind if you pull out your laptop and get to work, as long as you order something. Pubs offer free internet access too. Have a light meal or snack while you work and soak in the lively atmosphere, just remember to resist the temptation to order something stronger until the work is done. 

The local library

A quiet atmosphere, free wifi, and being surrounded by books by some of the world’s greatest minds are just a few of the reasons to work in the local library. Find yourself a quiet cubby and watch your concentration and productivity levels soar. Obviously, the library is not a good choice if you have to make phone calls as part of your job, but it is perfect for writing and other quiet tasks. 

Coffee shops

Order a breakfast bowl to pay your “rent.” | Submitted by Rachel Novosad

The classic place to do freelance work outside the home is a coffee shop or cafe. As long as you are ordering something, you can work on your laptop or tablet to your heart’s content. Coffee shops offer free WiFi, a vibrant atmosphere, and of course, plenty of coffee to keep the creative fires burning and are great free places to work remotely. 

Working remotely is an awesome choice that offers you freedom and independence as well as a steady paycheck. Try a few of these free places to work remotely to get you out of the house and interacting with the world.

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