Fun Themes and Looks to Try in Your Home Office

There’s nothing that says your home office has to be boring. You might even find that jazzing it up with a fun theme does wonders to improve your overall productivity. If you’re tired of looking at the same stuff each time you walk into your office, here are some fun themes and looks to try in your home office.

Paint your home office blue

One of the first things should you should consider doing to your home office is adding some blue. Scientists believe that blue is a good color for home offices because data indicates the color boosts intellectual function.

Different ways to accomplish this include:

  • Painting one or all the walls your favorite shade of blue
  • Hanging blue artwork
  • Adding a blue area rug
  • Purchasing blue office furniture
  • Keeping a vase of pretty blue flowers on your desk

Other colors you’ll want to consider adding to your home office decorating scheme include:

  • Yellow: said to boost energy levels which would increase productivity
  • Green: helps you feel balanced and calm
  • Red: helps stimulate you physically, especially towards the end of a long project, it’s also supposed to help you become more detail oriented
  • Orange: helps you feel more energetic

Dress your home office up for the holidays

Some white holiday lights can go a long way to sprucing up your home office. | Submitted by Elizabeth Fretz

If you get bored looking at the same things all the time, you should consider adding holiday decorations. Draping cobwebs over the windows, placing a small Christmas tree in the corner, and hanging holiday themed prints on the walls does wonders to boost your mood. You’ll find that when you’re happier, you’ll get more work done. 

Spruce up your home office with plants

Cut flowers on the desk are a nice touch, but if you really want to jazz up your office, consider adding a living plant that you’ll have for years. Looking at the plant is a great way to quiet your mind and give yourself a mental break in the middle of a long workday, plus the plant helps keep purify the air in your office

Plants that do well in the home office environment include:

  • African violets
  • Dracaena
  • Ficus
  • Garden Mum
  • Norway Pines
  • ZZ Plant
  • Snake Plant

If your office doesn’t have many sources of natural light, you’ll want to set up a small grow light for the plant.

Get artistic

There’s something about a home office that’s full of fun artistic touches that makes even the most boring work project seem interesting. The great thing about going with an artistic theme for your home office is that nothing has to match. The only requirement is that you love the item. Ideas to help you make your home office arty include:

  • Hanging photos you’ve taken 
  • Putting up some fun prints you love
  • Painting the walls white and inviting your kids to draw on them with some magic markers
  • DIY desk and wall unit
  • Hand-painting images on the walls
  • Using painted rocks as paperweights
  • Setting artistic sculptures and vases on shelves and bookcases

Feng Shui and the home office

Use light to your advantage | Submitted by Emily Sellers & Wheeler Juell

There was a time when decorators couldn’t stop talking about the benefits of Feng Shui. While that particular decorating craze has slowed down a bit, you should consider it for your home office. When you decide to incorporate Feng Shui into your office you want to place memorabilia that is important to your professional life around the office, arrange your desk so that it is as far from the door as possible and not directly in front of the door, and organize the office into three sections.

  • The north section should focus on your professional reputation. Images of flames, candles, and decorations with orange or red should be placed in the northern part of the office.
  • The south portion of your office should focus on career path. Metal, images of water, and black and white frames and furniture are placed in this part of the office.
  • The southeast portion of the office should focus on things that attract money. Include lots of wood in this section.

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