Gear Items You’ll Need If You Want to Travel and Work Remotely

The transition from working in the office to working on the road is quite a big adjustment. Suddenly you are going from an environment where your employer has provided all the tools you need to do your job, to one where you are furnishing your entire office. On top of the normal office equipment, you now need to make sure that all of your office equipment can be picked up and moved as you travel from place to place.

If you already have an at-home office, you may already have some of the basics, but do you know what tools you need to take your office on the go? Let’s take a look at some of the must-have items to help you travel and work remotely.

1. Portable battery charger

If you are working in a new place, sometimes you want to be able to pick up and work anywhere. But doing so means that you won’t always have a power outlet available. When you are working remotely, your technology is a key component to your success and a dead battery can cost you hours of production.

Portable battery chargers give you a little more juice for your computer, meaning you can spend a few hours out in the sun without worrying about your battery. The Mophie Powerstation AC is great because it allows you to charge your laptop or mobile device. The Mophie provides 100 hours of charge for your cell phone and 15 hours for a laptop.

While we’re on the topic of chargers, don’t forget a travel adapter. If you have never traveled to a different country, you may be surprised to find that your laptop cord won’t fit in most outlets outside of the US. If you plan on doing a lot of traveling, a convertible adapter that works for multiple countries will serve you best.

2. Noise canceling headphones

Sometimes you’ll need to block out that coffee shop hum. | Submitted by Damien Housseau

Working on the road means that your work environment will be unpredictable. While the ideal location might be a quiet library or private room, sometimes you may have to go to a loud coffee shop or store to get reliable wifi.

Noise canceling headphones allow you to zone out all the external noise around you. Plug in your headphones and put on some music to help you focus. Bose headphones are high quality and great for keeping the noise out.  

3. Mobile hotspot

Reliable internet is an important part of being able to travel and work remotely. Sometimes you will end up in places where wifi is not available. This is where a mobile hotspot comes in handy. A mobile hotspot allows you to connect to the internet if your local cafe or hotel room don’t provide wifi. Check out this list from PC magazine for different options available.

4. Reliable laptop

When it comes to your laptop take our advice and don’t skimp.| Submitted by Missy Davies

Most likely the bulk of your remote work will happen on your laptop. This means that you need a computer that will not fail on you right before an important deadline. Choose a computer that you are comfortable with, whether it is an Apple or PC. Look for one that has a long battery life, reliable connection, and a fast processor.

5. Quality luggage

A bag for lugging around your laptop is key when you want to travel and work remotely. | Submitted by Leilani Franklin-Apted

If you plan on moving around a lot, your bags are going to get some wear and tear. That’s why it’s important that you purchase luggage that can take a bit of a beating. The Osprey 40L is a great travel backpack and has a sleeve for your laptop. It is small enough to fit in the carry on compartment.

The Osprey 75L is quite a bit larger, but it will fit more. The good thing about this one is that it has wheels so you don’t have to lug it on your back.

Whichever you choose, be sure to secure your belongings. A small lock can help prevent someone from opening your bag, whether at the airport or while your bag is with you.

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