9 Gear Items You Need to Create the Ultimate Home Office

Working from home allows you to influence corporate meetings from the comfort of your couch and your PJs, however, to be productive it helps to have a great office space from which to conquer the world.

Creating the ultimate office space is as easy as collecting a few key items to make your work day run smoothly and to feel fabulous while knocking things off your to-do list. If you’re used to working from the road, you probably already have a lot of great travel gear, but you’ll need specific items to make your home office an awesome space to work.

So, if you’re still balancing your laptop on a portable TV tray, it’s time to upgrade your office space. You definitely need this gear to deck out your home office because harnessing your creativity and focus can only happen if you have an excellent space to work.

Sit-to-stand desk

The highlight of any home office is the desk. If you’ve been pushing your cereal bowl aside to work on your dining room table, the time has come to find the perfect desk. These kinds of desks aren’t just nifty, new aged furniture. Standing desks offer you the opportunity to move around while you work, are better for your posture, and allow you to adjust them as needed. Especially, if you buy one with electric controls!

Check out some more of our favorite desk options here.

Monitor mount

One of the best tools to both free up space on your desk and display your entire workload at once is a monitor mount. Because two displays are always better than one, you can even consider a dual or triple mount. You can find options to mount these do your desk or onto a wall.

Wireless accessories

Grab a great wireless keyboard and mouse so that you can get the best use of your space. But, don’t forget to check out some other cool tech gadgets that’ll make the most of your remote work experience.

An essential element of working from home is the ability to work remotely from anywhere. If you’re tired of being confined to the four walls of your home you’ll need a wireless hotspot to take with you on the road. 

Wireless printer

Your printer of choice needs to have wireless and WiFi capabilities. This way, you can print from anywhere in your house and also print to your home printer while on the road.

Many companies are now offering ink subscription services too. This means your printer can communicate directly with the company when it’s running low on ink. Your ink will be delivered right to your door when you need a new one.

A sleek notebook and a great pen

You’ll want to have a notebook handy to jot down your next great idea. Outlining your workday is easier when you also have a great pen in hand. A pen that flows smoothly, or even has an embedded memory capability will allow your ideas to also flow.

Comfortable desk chair

Good lumbar support is extremely important if you plan to work consistently from a desk chair. If you’re not up for standing, we’ve sorted out the five most comfortable desk chairs on the market.

Portable speaker

Research suggests that listening to music while you work can boost your mood. Whether you are listening to podcasts, need music to inspire you, or need to hear your next conference call, a great speaker makes the difference.

Single cup coffee maker

Caffeine makes the world go around. In fact, your coffee habits may say a lot about your work habits too! Luckily, the ease and style of modern coffee makers allows us to make a great cup of coffee without giving up space or style.

Great lighting

Having great lighting can really up the style and productivity factor of your home office, but having dual purpose lighting is even better. Choose a desk lamp that also has USB charging ports to get the most bang for your buck and utilize your space most effectively. 

Making sure you have a good work space and cool gear for your home office is a perfect way to put your best foot forward as you start your work day. 

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