5 High-Paying Remote Jobs That Pay $100K+ a Year

Not only can working remotely help you save money, but it can also help you net a high-paying remote job. As this arrangement becomes more common and more accepted by employers, additional options for high-paying remote jobs are becoming available. A 2017 study even showed that remote workers have a higher median salary than those working in an office.

Working remotely isn’t just a job perk anymore. It is also a viable form of work arrangement for a variety of career types. There are many ways workers can optimize both their career and lifestyle while working from home. As more positions are created, they now have more flexibility to optimize their salaries. 

Here are five high-paying remote jobs that pay at least $100,000 a year.

There are several high paying remote jobs. | Submitted by Felix Tih

5. Customer success engineer 

A customer success engineer goes beyond the typical role of the customer service representative. Customer success engineers manage the integration of their customer experience with a company’s IT systems and platforms. Think of this role as one that combines the soft skills of customer service with the technical capabilities of an IT professional. It involves having advanced communications skills as well as having a technical background in computer engineering. It can pay over $100,000 a year.

4. Software developer 

As social media, digital marketing, and e-commerce all rise, companies are increasingly relying on software developers to help build and maintain their digital infrastructure. The added bonus of having an IT background is that with a working internet connection, software developers can perform their job responsibilities from essentially anywhere. This has led to an increase in high-paying remote jobs in the software developer space. 

The average remote software developer in the US makes just a shade under $100,000 at roughly $98,000 with annual high salaries coming in at $148,500. Salaries may depend on the company for which one applies as well as experience and education, but with this in-demand skill set, a worker should have no problem clearing the $100,000 mark. 

A nice home office setup is key if you work from home.| Submitted by Camilo Luna

3. App developer

Much like software developers, app developers also possess a highly sought after skill set that they can perform from anywhere. It’s also leading to high levels of compensation. 

Whether it’s Android or IOS, developing applications for smartphones is a profitable venture. As companies expand their profiles within app stores on both the Apple and Android platforms, this role will only draw more attention from companies looking to add IT talent. An Android developer working remotely can earn up to $118,000. IOS developer salaries can reach up to $140,000.

2. Business development director

The job of a company’s business development director revolves around identifying and executing leads for new business. The targets can vary by industry. For example, in the government consulting world, this includes evaluating available government contracts and matching up the capabilities of the company with the needs of the department. 

Business development directors must possess the ability to submit proposals on bid requests, analyze financial data, and coordinate with a large number of stakeholders throughout a company from management to operators. 

It’s also a job that can be location independent under the right circumstances. Business development directors working remotely can earn up to $160,000, with an average salary of around $108,000.

Working from anywhere is the biggest perk. | Submitted by Sophie McAulay

1. Data Engineer

Data engineers analyze an organization’s raw data and enact algorithms meant to make that data easier to manage, store, and process. It is another IT-relevant position many can perform while working remotely.

While many companies seeking data engineers are located in Silicon Valley or other high population metropolitan areas, they’re needed at companies throughout the nation and the position itself is largely location independent. ZipRecruiter reports that remote data engineer positions pay, on average, $148,000 per year. 

Simply put: in this day and age, having a working phone, a reliable internet connection, and a valued skill may be all you need to make over six figures. 

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