Hipsterize Your Home Office Set Up With These Clever Finds

The key when adding a hipster element to your home office setup is to incorporate subtle finds without seeming to try too hard. True hipsters define themselves as mysterious, creative, and cool. If you want to bask in this coolness, we’ve got some of the best items to add to your work from home office set up.

Check out these unique pieces that are sure to make your inner hipster happy. 

Succulents, ferns, and other greenery

If you’re looking to channel your inner hipster, a simple pop of green can do wonders in improving your home office set up. Houseplants are a great addition to your work environment because they not only add visual appeal, but they also clean your air.

Succulents may be a hipster’s top choice, but there are also plants that will survive while practically being ignored. Try the Peace Lily, which can survive with very little light and water. Ivy and several varieties of ferns are also excellent choices for the office because they will grow under artificial lighting.

Graphic prints and modern details

One of the coolest things about working from home is being able to design your space with things that inspire you, that make you think, or that boost your mood. Your hipster office space isn’t complete until you’ve added some personalized décor choices that speak to you.

For a hipster look, keep your décor low-key and minimalist with clean lines and sharp details. Unique sculptures, like these, pottery, and framed wall art work well to reflect this. Graphic prints and original hand-lettered items are popular choices on Etsy for hipster inspired art. It is so important to design a home office space that works well for you and also makes you feel good. 

Incorporate industrial and wooden accents

Keeping your space clean and functional is a must, of course, but to truly add that hipster vibe you need to up the industrial factor too.

Wrought iron accents, wooden design elements, natural fabrics (like linen and wool), and cozy lighting options will make your space feel both trendy and useful. These iron pipe shelving units create a usable storage space while also looking clean and modern. Choosing shelving that has natural wooden elements will keep your home office setup feeling warm and inviting while also appealing to your inner hipster. 

Choose industrial lighting

If you want the hipster theme to reflect in your lighting choices, consider incorporating these cool Edison light bulbs into your existing décor. Table and floor lamps can also add light and personality. Choose pieces that have interesting finishes, or are made with similar industrial materials to truly capture the hipster cool factor. 

Opt for a standing desks

Rumor has it, you’re not cool until you have a standing desk. Standing and working while enjoying the view out your window keeps you focused on your tasks. Sitting for long periods of time isn’t good for your mind, body, or hipster rating. 

The Uplift desk comes in multiple finishes so it can easily match your hipster decor. If you’re not sure about the idea of standing all the time, you can even get an adjustable standing desk that transitions from sitting to standing. 

Why your home office set up matters

Ultimately, your home office set up sets the stage for you to do your best work. Working remotely is a luxury; working in a space you love is a necessity.

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