Home Office Decor to Upgrade Your Workspace

When you work from home there’s no one to see–or judge–your home office. You can work from the kitchen table, the couch, the bed…whatever. But when you work remotely day in and day out, there’s something to be said for having a built out home office. It’s where you’re expected to think big. It’s where you need to be creative and productive.

Over 40 percent of Remoters surveyed work primarily in their home, but a surprising number of them don’t have a dedicated home office. Not having a home office means you’ll miss out on the home office deduction come tax season, but it also means you might not have a space where you can truly focus on the work at hand.

Whether you’re reading this because you’re finally ready to give up your kitchen table, or because you want to upgrade your home office decor, we’ve curated a few of our favorite home offices looks to inspire the evolution of your workspace.

Home office plants

Jess Bolluyt working remotely at laptop in open area loft
Jess in her plant-filled workspace | Submitted by Jess Bolluyt

There are plenty of reasons why you should incorporate plants into your home office decor, but if Jess’s home office doesn’t convince you, we don’t know what will.

The leafy plants bring life (literally) to any home office and if you don’t have the natural light in your home office, don’t stress it–we’ve curated a list of home office plants that like low-light environments too.

A taste of luxury

Julia’s pink plush chair gives her work space a personalized, feminine feel | Submitted by Julia Mullaney

Even if your home office decor is completely basic, you can still add a little taste of luxury. A thick knit throw (we love this one) or a big, plush chair can make even the hardest Monday feel a little more manageable.

Julia swears by this affordable, but luxurious chair from Target. You can sit on the edge and get down to business or sit back and think big.

Think big with a whiteboard

A whiteboard is central in big brainstorming pushes. | Submitted by Tracy Sigler

When it’s time to think big, sometimes Excel or a piece of paper just won’t cut it. Tracy, one of our first Remoters, says, “Sometimes it helps to be a bit more physical when thinking and planning. Standing up away from the screens on my desk helps me focus and brainstorm more effectively. Whenever I’m stuck, I go to the whiteboard.”

In this case, the bigger the better. Even if you don’t have to do a lot of big picture planning in your job, you can use the whiteboard to keep track of to-do lists or the day’s tasks.

Build a DIY standing desk

Dave’s DIY standing desk with a whiteboard surface | Submitted by Dave Harper

Over 40 percent of surveyed Remoters use a traditional sitting desk, but in case you haven’t heard, sitting is the new smoking. If you don’t have the space for a separate standing desk in your home office, we recommend one of VARIDESK’s converters, which allow you to quickly convert your traditional sitting desk into a standing desk.

However, if you have the space for a separate standing desk, we’re inspired by Dave’s DIY standing desk that he made using a large whiteboard for the desk’s surface. Not only is it a cool, easy to execute idea, but there’s something exhilarating about writing notes on the surface of your desk.

Travel-themed home office decor

Travel centric offices can be inspiring | Submitted by Chris Payne

Remoters are constantly expressing how much they value travel flexibility. It is easily the most mentioned pro of working remotely with over 88 percent of those surveyed claiming it as a major benefit of remote work.

We love how Chris embraced the inspirational travel theme in his home office decor. For a similar look, we found a similar metal compass on Etsy and this cool wall map decal.

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