The Best Home Office Plants for Every Type of Workspace

Take a cue from our Remoter, Jess, who’s home office is full of plants: Adding some greenery spruces up even the simplest of workspaces. Plants do more than add a pop of color to your desk or office, they can improve your mental health. Psychology Today reports that indoor plants boost your mood and help you get along better with others, which is key for days when you have back-to-back calls.

Those benefits alone are likely reason enough to make a Home Depot run, but in addition, indoor potted plants can also make you a better worker. Plants help you de-stress, enhance creative thinking, and can actually assist in restocking your mental processing power after a long day chained to your home office desk.

We’re sold.

Below are some of the best home office plants for every type of workspace and every kind of plant owner.

Low-light home office plants

If your home office has little to no natural light, consider adopting a zz plant. Aside from having a cool name, these plants do well in low light and can even survive (and thrive!) under florescent lights. If you have little to no light in your office and consider yourself a plant newbie, rest assured, zz plants don’t need a lot of water either.

If you’re looking for a plant that will actually bloom in your dark office, check out a peace lily.

Aloe vera plants do well in full sunlight. | Sundaemorning/Getty Images

Full sun home office plants

Aloe vera loves full sun. As long as you set them in a sunny spot, you’ll have a happy plant. Not only is this succulent happy in hot, sunny spots, but it’s also medicinal. When you forget sunscreen and end up with a sunburn or burn your wrist on a hot cookie sheet, simply clip off a piece of aloe to soothe the burn.

If aloe doesn’t strike you as the right home office plant, we recommend other succulents, cacti, or devil’s ivy for sunny office spaces.

Home office plants for newbies

If you’ve never owned a plant and doubt you’ll remember to water and prune it, don’t be scared off. There are several home office plants that actually thrive off of neglect. Really.

The snake plant is the perfect testing ground for newbie plant owners. They like plenty of light, but will survive in dimmer conditions. If you forget to water them, don’t stress, snake plants are as tough as nails and accompany most people all the way into retirement. If a snake plant just isn’t for you, we recommend a golden pothos vine, spider plants, succulents, lucky bamboo, and cacti.

Home office plants add a pop of color to any workspace. | Submitted by Jess Bolluyt

Home office plants for detoxing the air

If you recently bought or renovated your home you may be interested in detoxing the air inside your home. The peace lily absorbs pollutants found in homes both old and new. The formaldehyde found in most carpeting, benzene in paints, and trichloroethylene in plastics all get absorbed by the peace lily. If you’re looking for something larger, a NASA clean-air study found that areca palms fill the space with oxygen during the day and are effective at removing formaldehyde from the home.

Home office plants for an extra mental health boost

Work can be stressful and working from home is no exception. Placing a plant on or nearby your desk can boost your mental health, but there are some plants that we’d argue do a better job than others. For a whole lotta green, choose a lush, leafy parlour palm. If you’re big on scents, we highly recommend a lavender plant. Any time you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a deep breath to benefit from the plant’s calming scent.

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