Tips for Your Home Office Setup That Will Make You More Productive

Working from home means you get to eliminate many of the things that can make working full time seem like a hassle. Say goodbye to your daily commute, noisy coworkers, and constantly freezing office. No more putting up with long lines at the copy machine, uncomfortable cubicles, or burnt breakroom coffee.

However, sometimes you trade in those office inconveniences and distractions for home and family distractions. If you are trying to work from your dining room table, or in a space that doesn’t contribute to your best work performance, it might be time to design a home office that will promote your productivity.

It’s a crucial step for the remote worker, even those who only work part-time, to create a space that is separate from the rest of your home. You’ll need a home office that is inspiring, quiet, and set up to help you get the most accomplished during your precious work time.

The six most important things to consider when designing your office set up are

  • Lighting
  • Color
  • Separation of space
  • Functionality
  • Inspiration and personalization

Light up your space

Nothing wakes you up quite like your morning cup of coffee. Except for an abundance of natural light. Set up your area with blinds that can open, near large windows and monopolize on the power of light.

No one can work very well in a dark room. If you don’t have the option of soaking up the natural sunlight, make sure you have plenty of lamps. A desk lamp to light up your immediate task is necessary as well as ambient lighting provided by floor lamps.

Color matters

Choose a color that calms you or energizes you.

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Colors can contribute drastically to your mood, so you’ll need to decide how you want your home office to make you feel. Various avenues of thought offer different suggestions. The practice of Feng Shui suggests blue to promote healing and growth, green to produce feelings of energy, purple to encourage clarity, or white to inspire focus.

Separate your space

Make sure you’ve got a location that is away from your family and your household to do list. This may be in the corner of the family room or in an office designated to be just yours, but wherever it is, ensure you have made it clear to your housemates that it is a space for working. You may need to invest in a room divider and a white noise machine to further define your area as your office and eliminate distractions.

Function and use

You’ll have to think about how to design your space to have the best functionality for you. Placing your home office near your wifi router to give you the best coverage, and adding enough seating to accommodate potential work partners might be things to consider. Is your desk large enough? Do you need to share the space with anyone? Do you have the materials necessary to organize your things? Do you get good cell phone reception or is the basement not an ideal spot for your office?

Personalize to inspire

Julia’s pink plush chair and artisanal olive oils give her work space a personalized, feminine feel. Then there’s all that natural light… | Submitted by Julia Mullaney

You get to decorate your workspace however you’d like. So, this means fill your space with things that inspire you, bring you comfort or motivate you to success. Perhaps this means photos of your family or a stand covered in green plants. Motivational artwork or framed quotations, an interesting sculpture or colorful furniture are all options at your disposal.

When you’ve created a quiet, functional home office set up your productivity will naturally increase, and your ability to work from home successfully will continue to grow.