How Remote Workers Should Prepare for a Day Away From Their Home Office

The thought of working outside an office almost creates an instant Pavlovian response nowadays due to many generations slaving away in boring or chaotic office settings. Far too many people still have to work in office cubicles and deal with typical politics.

Remote work opportunities are now more evolved than ever, making it possible to work beyond your home office. If you’re already doing this, you may enjoy the comforts of home and have a perfect office setup. However, you career may entail having to work outside your home a few times.

How do you prepare for this without causing chaos? We’ve provided four useful tips on how to make it work.

1. Take a portable standing desk with you

There may come a time when your boss asks you to travel in your job, which is arguably good so you’re not just a hermit at home. Your home office may be comfortable, though a lot of portable items are available now to essentially recreate your office space somewhere else.

One of those is a portable standing desk. Some of them are made of very lightweight materials (including cardboard) so you can fold them and place them in a travel bag.

Many of these are perfectly usable in a hotel room, or even outdoors if you can find an isolated spot to work in a park.

Of course, the health aspects to a standing desk are already noted with excessive sitting being almost as bad as being a smoker.

2. Have all your software apps loaded on your mobile device

Most of the best business management platforms have inexpensive mobile editions you can easily use on a tablet or laptop. Be sure to always have these already uploaded to your mobile devices so if you’re assigned to travel away from your home office, you won’t have to take care of it last-minute.

Tools like Slack and Skype are just two of the best apps you can take with you. These two alone can probably help you get through the day and be able to communicate with associates or customers.

It also pays to make sure you’ve protected your mobile device from the elements. For iPads, be sure to purchase a cover to protect from unexpected weather if working out in the field. These covers are available from Apple, but you can get cheaper ones through Amazon.

3. Use the best teleconferencing software

You may have to be involved in a teleconference while away from your home office. At home, you might have a complete teleconferencing system all set up with hi-def cameras and even a studio-like setting.

When you’re away from home, what can you do to make this work and still look professional? If stuck in a place that doesn’t have appealing visuals, you could always take a folding partition with you for travel so you have a decent background.

As far as teleconferencing software, The Meeting Owl has become a true favorite. It’s a device resembling a stuffed owl, yet provides a 360-degree camera for teleconferencing wherever you are. Even better, this provides an external webcam, microphone, and speaker all in one.

4. If you can, avoid public WiFi

No doubt you’ve worked in cafes where they provide free public WiFi service. When you’re working with private or other sensitive information, it’s best to avoid this, as tempting as it is. Hackers often exploit public WiFi locations to steal data, unless you can encrypt on your own.

The best bet is visit a co-working environment. These are usually plentiful in many cities, giving you a safe place to use WiFi for free while still having some security.

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