How to Add Feng Shui Elements To Your Home Office Decor

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese art of arrangement, and its principals can easily be added to your home office decor. Whether or not you believe in feng shui, adding some of the philosophy’s elements can help create a sense of balance and well being, and keeps the energy flowing in a room. When it comes to this age-old style of furniture placement, tackling clutter is just the beginning. 

What is feng shui?

Pronounced “fung shway,” feng shui is one of the oldest known methods of decorating. Literally, it means “wind water,” and it is sometimes also known as Chinese Geomancy. The basic principle is that when energy, or chi, can flow freely around a room, it has positive results on the mental health of the room’s occupants.

Energy enhancers

In feng shui, there are several items that are said to help increase the flow of chi, or energy, in a space. You can put these items in any room in the house for a beng shui boost.

  • Plants
  • Crystals
  • Art
  • Flowers
  • Lighting
  • Mirrors
  • Water features
  • Items from nature

Simply adding these items to your home office decor will immediately help increase the feng shui of the room. 

A live plant can make a big difference | Submitted by Andrew Coburn

The feng shui bagua map

In feng shui, a house is divided into a grid of nine segments, each with its own energy which then apply to certain areas of your life. The nine segments are: career and life path, knowledge and self cultivation, health and family, health and center, wealth and prosperity, fame and reputation, love and marriage, creativity and children, and mentors and outside contacts.

You can apply the bagua map every room in the house rooms, but when it comes to home office decor, you can focus on three main areas.

  1. Career and life path – This area of your home office is located in the center of the wall that has the entry door. This area’s element is water, so it is beneficial to add some sort of water feature in this part of your home office. Metal items, and the colors black and white work well here. 
  2. Fame and reputation – This area is opposite the former section. The fame and reputation area has the element of fire, so the colors red and orange are good choices. Keep water elements and the color blue out of here because water douses fire.
  3. Wealth and prosperity – Here you will want to include items that remind you of wealth and money. Rich blues, purples, and reds are good colors in this area. The element of wood is featured, so don’t include anything representing fire. 
What color fits best in your home office? | Submitted by Sophie McAulay

Adding feng shui to your home office decor

There are a few furniture placement rules of feng shui that will bring harmony into your home office. 


Feng Shui is all about having a sense of comfort and security in every room. This means that sharp angles and protruding corners are no-no’s. They produce an arrow-like energy that generates a more irritable, uncomfortable energy. Soften existing sharp corners with plants or by turning furniture at an angle so it doesn’t shoot “cutting chi” into the room. You can also use textiles and screens. 


Whatever art you hang in your home office will give off a certain type of energy. Good choices for home office decorating include art that motivates you or has a powerful feel. It is not recommended to choose any art that portrays violence, death, or destruction. 

You might want to consider adding feng shui elements to your home office decor. | Submitted by Wendy Pochop

Desk placement

Your home office decorating should be centered around the desk, which is the position of power in the room. Don’t place your desk in a corner facing the wall. Consider placing your desk facing the door, out from the wall. Your chair should be positioned so you can see the door and anyone entering the room clearly. 

It is recommended that as you make the changes in your home office to have more feng shui you do some inner work as well. Focus on making personal improvements in every area that you create change. This will help you have a sense of positive energy and productivity that will greatly enhance your work at home life. 

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