How to Decide What Work and Travel Abroad Program Is Best for You

Today’s technology has made many things possible. We can work from anywhere on the globe. All you need is a WiFi connection, and you could work remotely from a sunny beach. Your boss might be at the office, but your toes are in the sand.

The influx of remote workers continues to grow as more and more people flood the workplace. Millennials are demanding more freedom, and because they have the skills employers want, those employers are finally ready to accommodate these demands.

Many companies are also happy to save money and space by allowing their team members to work from home or abroad.

If you are interested in turning your remote gig into a travel abroad gig, you might be interested to know that there are many programs available that make that very dream easier. Here are some of our favorite work and travel abroad programs.

Know the different plans offered by each travel abroad program

If you are thinking about ditching your home office for a travel abroad experience, you will soon find out there are a lot of options. Each program offers different locations, prices, length of time, and limited spots for participants. 


If you are looking for exciting places to visit for shorter periods, Unsettled has you covered. You can choose packages starting at two weeks. This is great for anyone still on the fence. You can have the work abroad experience without a year-long commitment.

  • Program Length: 2-4 weeks
  • Cost of Program: $2000-$4000 (depending on location choice)
  • Locations: Bali, Cape Town, Barcelona, Tuscany, The Amazon, Medellin, Buenos Aires, Nicaragua
  • Participants: 25-30 People For Each Trip

Remote Year

For people that want a more extended work abroad experience Remote Year has several options. You can choose the four-month program or the year-long program. If you select the year-long program, you will get to travel to a different country every month. The cost will cover accommodations, transportation, internet, and community events.

  • Program Length: 4 months or 1 year
  • Cost of Program: 4 month program is $3,000 down payment $2,000 per month. Total cost: $11,000 or 1 year program is $5,000 down payment. $2,000 per month. Total cost: $27,000
  • Locations: Europe and South America
  • Participants: 75 people

No Desk Project

If you are looking for a retreat-style work abroad, experience the No Desk Project has it all. Each program has a wellness-focus specific to the location chosen. For example, the Bali trip is a lot like a yoga retreat.

No Desk is a membership only platform so you will likely build personal and professional relationships that last a lifetime.

  • Program Length: 1 month
  • Cost of Program: $2900-$3499
  • Locations: Bali, Kolkata, Chiang Mai, Phnom Penh, Buenos Aires, Hvar, Rio,  Colombia
  • Participants: 15-20 People

Hacker Paradise

Whether you are a full-time remote worker, freelancer, self-employed, or you’re plotting to take over the world, Hacker Paradise can make travel abroad easier. They describe themselves as a community of professionals that love to travel. HP will take care of the planning and logistics so you can relax and get the job done.

Hacker Paradise requires an application and interview before signing up. Keep this in mind when making your plans.

  • Program Length: 2 Weeks- 3 Months
  • Cost of Program: $500 – $2100 Per Month
  • Locations: Bali, Indonesia, Chiang Mail, Thailand, and Portugal
  • Participants: 20-30 People

WiFi Tribe

The WiFi Tribe is a little different than the rest. They have private accommodation options as well as shared rooms. You also have to pay a $300 membership fee. Once accepted as a member you can choose how many “chapters” or experiences you want to enjoy each year.

  • Program Length: You can choose 1 or 2 months. Or 3-5 months. They also have a 6+ months package.
  • Cost of Program: $900-$2000 Per Month
  • Locations: Bolivia, Nicaragua, Portugal, the Philippines, and South Africa
  • Participants: 12-25 People

Choose the best travel abroad experience

It is important that you choose the group and program that will work best for you. If you prefer to relax in peace and quiet, don’t choose a work or travel abroad experience that has you going to nightly gatherings and morning adventures.

Also, make sure that your schedule will work with the program. Most will accommodate a typical 9-to-5 schedule, but keep in mind that timezones will be different than your co-workers at the office.

If you are interested in more travel, and you are already working remotely, these companies can help make that happen.

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