9 Industries With the Most Remote Jobs

People are working remotely now more than they ever have before. A recent study showed that as much as 43 percent of all Americans spend at least a portion of their work week doing their tasks from home or on the go. At least some of these people work remotely full time.

But just which industries are most affected by this dramatic and continuing change in the workforce? The following are the nine industries with the most remote jobs.

1. Customer service

People working in customer service tend to the direct needs of the customers. This can include fielding incoming phone calls, making return or check-in calls, and sending or receiving e-mails. This field has one of the highest number of remote workers, with large call centers becoming fewer in favor of at-home workers.

2. Software development

You might need a big screen to manage all that code. | Submitted by Damien Housseau

A software developer might create website software, gaming systems, or phone applications. They are fluent in software programming languages like JavaScript or CSS, and they generally tend to work individually or in small teams. This, combined with a limited amount of necessary tools outside of a computer, makes software development the perfect remote job opportunity. The large number of software developers working remotely reflects this opportunity. 

3. Writing

Writing can include a wide array of different formats, and while it is one of the industries with the most remote jobs, it is also a very saturated field. A writer may compose blogs, articles, press releases, e-books, print books, and more.

4. Marketing

Most online marketing can literally be done from anywhere. | Submitted by Missy Davies

Someone who works in marketing remotely may focus primarily on inbound or outbound marketing, or on both equally. Their tasks might include organizing marketing campaigns, handling paid advertising, writing SEO articles, or formulating emails. They might also work closely with writers, graphic designers, and software developers in their projects.

5. Teaching

Remote teaching opportunities are often a great second source of income for those already working in education full time, but they are also utilized often by college students. A remote teacher might teach children in other countries English, or work as a tutor in one to two different subject areas that they have trained extensively in.

6. Transcription

Transcribing something can mean a few different things, but it all results in creating a written product out of something else. This might be copying information from photographs or handwritten information. Some people also use transcriptions for finding specific information to fill in tables for their data entry needs.

7. Information technology

Have a technical mind? This industry might be for you. | Submitted by Fabrizio Guglielmino

“IT” or information technology is a net term encompassing a lot of different things, but all of them require an extensive amount of computer or technology-related knowledge. It can include computer virus removal, fixing phones, fixing physical computer components, or even just helping others understand how to use something (such as a new software). IT personnel may also work with software developers on projects.

8. Sales

A wide network of people sell stuff from the comfort of their own homes, but this industry doesn’t just pertain to pyramid schemes or massive branded businesses. A lot of companies, ranging from small to corporate, use remote sales workers. These individuals are responsible for making or taking phone calls, writing out orders, and will work with customer service reps to keep customers happy.

9. Health industry

Remote healthcare help? Why not? | Submitted by Sophie McAulay

Surprisingly, a vast amount of remote jobs are available in the healthcare industry. This includes jobs in billing, coding, scheduling, and patient advocacy. A registered nurse or doctor might also work via telephone or the internet to answer patient’s questions and help people find out if they really need to head to their nearest hospital after office hours. 

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