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Joanna Gaines Inspired Home Office Decor

Modern farmhouse design is sweeping the country, and home offices are no exception to the trend. Joanna Gaines is leading the way with her gorgeous and functional style that is perfect for your workspace, whether you have a big or small space to work with. Joanna Gaines’ home office decor is simple and classic, with a twist that puts her own unique stamp on every room.

Getting the Joanna Gaines Fixer Upper look in your home office

If you’re a fan of Fixer Upper and a follower of Joanna Gaines on Instagram and Pinterest, you’ll love her style for your home office. Ready to upgrade your workspace? Here are a few ways to get the Joanna Gaines home office look in your own home. 

Rethink your desk

Joanna Gaines is famous for using unique items as kitchen islands, tables, and desks. Rethink your standard desk and get creative with reused items. She uses heavy slabs of glass on painted saw-horses, antique doors, reclaimed wood, and other creative items as desktops. 

Open shelving

Use shelving creatively in your home office is a way to achieve true Joanna Gaines style. She is constantly using open shelving to divide rooms and add abundant storage. Modern shelving is a great place to store collections in a unique way to give your office some real flair. 

Buy her branded office accessories

You can now purchase actual, Joanna approved office accessories at your local Target. Chip and Joanna’s new line of modern farmhouse office accessories let you have the same items you see on their show in your own home office. The line features:

  • chalkboards
  • chairs
  • desks
  • shelving units
  • consoles

All the office accessories have that signature, industrial look that combines style and function. 

Get creative with spaces

Home offices don’t have to be in a spare bedroom or a dedicated study. Channelling Joanna Gaines, you’ll want to think outside the box when it comes to the location of your home office. An upper staircase landing, empty corner of the garage, hallways, and laundry rooms all can do double duty as home office space. 

Add vintage touches

The Joanna Gaines home office decor look must include some of her signature vintage touches. Scour your local resale and antique shops to find unique standout pieces with a lot of graphic punch. Joanna Gaines loves extra-large clocks, vintage signs, and random letters as wall decorations. She is never afraid to mix the old with the new. 

Use unexpected pieces in new ways

In Joanna Gaines’ world, home office decor is always about using familiar items in unexpected ways. Again, thrift stores and garage sales are great places to find unique items for your work area. A few examples would be using a set of old gym lockers as standout storage pieces, a church pew as extra seating, or plumbing pipe as shelving brackets. 

Don’t forget the chalkboard paint

To get true Fixer Upper style, you’ve just got to use chalkboard paint somewhere. What better place than your home office? You can choose to paint a whole wall or just a smaller section. Either way, you’ll get a practical place to put reminders, lists, and keep track of work projects, as well as a dramatic style statement that screams farmhouse modern. 

Adding some of Joanna Gaines home office decor to your own workspace will fill you with a sense of warmth and pride every time you enter the area. It’s easy to add some vintage pieces and use creative storage to get exactly the look you want. Use some of the above tips, and be sure to add your own personal style and collections to make your home office decor the very best it can be. 

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