It Looked Like I Was Naked on a Video Call

“The best parts of working at home are the obvious, no commute, being closer to my kids, and not having to buy expensive office appropriate clothing. The lesser known benefits people don’t talk about are things like being able to fart, pick your nose, clip your finger nails, having access to your own bathroom after eating overly spicy Indian food, and doing whatever the hell you want in it without fear of embarrassment.

Things people don’t consider about your wardrobe when working from home are that frequently what you wear looks different on camera than it does in person. A lot of time is spent in meetings where a camera is needed that only displays the chest up. What people always thinks is, “Have you ever worked without your pants on?” or something like that. I don’t have air conditioning and in the middle of a particularly hot summer, while I was pregnant, I was wearing a dress that didn’t have any sleeves. It looked perfectly fine in person and covered me to the floor, it wasn’t overly revealing. It didn’t really matter while I was working and not on camera, but I had to go into a meeting and as soon as I saw the camera display it looked like I wasn’t wearing a shirt at all because you could only see me from the top of my chest and up. I quickly put on a sweater but I could hear people snickering on the other end of the call.

Other shirts had the same effect, where they looked fine in person but the v-neck looked disproportionately low cut on the camera. I had to consider the neckline of every item of clothing I wore from then on.”

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