5 of the Most Common Work From Home Job Titles

Working from home sounds enticing, but before you work remotely, you have to find a work from home job. Thanks to FlexJobs, there’s a handy list of the most common remote work job titles to make your job hunt easier. Below we list five of the most common titles and delve into why the career path is so great, so you know what to look for when it comes time to job hunt.

5. Consultant

Did you know consultants are now ranked fifth for the most common remote jobs? Of course, this is a broad category, which just widens the opportunities in working from home.

As a consultant, you’ll offer your experience on a professional basis to specific service companies. Technology consultancy businesses are common, along with specific industries like strategic management, business operations, and financial advising.

Human resources and compliance consulting are other job titles always in demand.

The great thing about remote businesses like this is more connected technology allows you to consult with other businesses by video conferencing so you don’t have to leave your home.

4. Writer

Being a writer has moved up to No. 4 as one of the most in-demand work-from-home jobs. At one time, this seemed like a pipe dream, but the internet has changed all possibilities.

You can work for content mills, or through contractors providing content for businesses. Once you gain some experience, it’s easier than ever to market yourself on social media to find private clients to make bigger bucks.

Doing this at home needs discipline, though. Avoiding TV, social media, (and family distractions) should become a priority to stay focused.

Writing is a great occupation that provides a lot of freedom. | Submitted by Tammie Figlinski

3. Teacher or tutor

This work-from-home job title is perhaps one of the oldest going back decades. Tutors have always been in high demand to help grade school, high school, or college-age students understand their homework.

In the past, it usually required the teacher or tutor to go to the home of the student to make this career work. Being a digital nomad means being able to use telecommunication technologies to make working with others so much more convenient.

Today, a tutor can easily use a live streaming service on a desktop or a mobile device to work with a student. Thanks to the ability to join multiple people in a video chat through FaceTime or other streaming services, a tutor can work with a dozen students at once.

Imagine how much more money you could make being able to teach a group of students through a digital classroom. Of course, you need to set up a place in your home to present yourself and learning materials. Presenting educational materials through video does take a little more practice to avoid confusion.

2. Engineer

Some of you might find it surprising that you can work as an engineer in your home. Having this job title move to No. 2 proves how being a digital nomad is a larger world now thanks to video conferencing.

Once again, it does take practice to convey technical information at this level through a video conference. Because video cameras are better now, most conferencing can occur in high quality.

Sharing visuals is an essential part of a remote engineer job without ever having to confer around a giant meeting table.

Organizational skills are key for the accounting career path | Submitted by Felix Tih

1. Accountant

Along with teachers, accountants are one of the oldest remote professions. Some accountants do work out of their homes and have their customers come to them.

Making this a work-from-home job will require you to turn your home in an office and suitable place for your clients to feel comfortable. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to present a pleasing home office environment, hence why accountants are now No. 1 for remote jobs.

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