Office Supplies You’ll Need to Buy Yourself When You Work From Home

If you are looking to start your work from home career you should have a firm grasp of your finances. Not only do you need to account for income you will bring in from client work, but you must also understand the expenses you will have to account for each month. One of the biggest drains on your profits are office supplies.

You can’t run a business without supplies, so we are going to go over the main supplies you can expect to purchase for yourself as you start a work from home journey.

Printer and ink

Although a lot of companies are taking things digital, if you want to stay organized you will need a quality copier and printer (with a fax machine if possible) and ink. You can always scour the internet for good deals on both, but even when you buy multiple quantities of an item for long term savings, it can still be a huge dent in your pocket.

Paper supplies

You can’t use a printer without paper, and chances are you will need a variety of paper supplies to keep our business afloat. This can range from calendars, to planners, to Post-it notes. You may also use binders and folders to create an organized structure for all of your important documents.

You might even look into a whiteboard and dry-erase marker. | Submitted by Tracy Sigler

Writing instruments

Are you seeing a common theme here? This may sound redundant but these costs can get the best of you if they aren’t tracked properly. Unless you like writing with a specific style of pen, our suggestion is go with the cheapest one possible to save money. If you need to purchase highlighters or markers wait for back-to school sales to get the biggest bang for your buck.

Landline service

Purchasing a dedicated landline is essential for any business. You want to give your customers multiple ways to reach you, and if you are in your office working having a landline will keep you from constantly checking your cell phone. This doesn’t have to be an expensive purchase, as most phones run in the $20 to 30 range, and a monthly plan is normally in the same ballpark. 

Home office desk

Unless you already have a dedicated work space with a desk in it, you should seriously consider purchasing one as soon as possible. It will not only help you stay organized, but will give you the real sense of focus you will need when working from home. Finding a desk that will help you stay efficient throughout the day should be an important part of your initial spending spree. Many people opt for a standing desk to save their posture and lower backs.

A standing desk is always an option | Submitted by Shauna Gordon

Home office chair

If you don’t opt for a standing desk, you’ll need a comfortable home office chair. Buying a chair can be a huge initial expense, but can save you a lot of time down the road without multiple doctors visits due to back problems. Our recommendation is finding a chair with an adjustable height on the seat, to accommodate your leg length and ease the strain on your lower back.

Filing cabinet

Where are you going to keep all of the paper you print up? It wouldn’t be smart to keep it laying around your office area due to the risk of things getting lost, damaged, or inadvertently thrown away. Getting a filing cabinet will be an obvious choice because even a small one can help you create a system to keep things in order. You can find a good one in the $170 to 200 range, so make sure to grab one as soon as you can.

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