Our Favorite Inexpensive Home Office Standing Desks

If you’re a remote worker who works from home, it’s important to avoid sitting all day. Nothing helps you do that like a great standing desk. It’s one of the most important accessories a remote worker can have. Don’t worry if you’re on a budget though, as there are some wonderful inexpensive options for standing desks available. 

Check out our seven favorite inexpensive home office standing desks: 

1. Need Small Computer Desk

Price: $79

This compact desk will fit just about anywhere in your home. For remote workers who like being able to set up shop anywhere, this is a very adaptable workspace. There’s no assembly required so you won’t have to worry about any type of complicated assembly process. If you want a minimalist desktop that eliminates any and all distractions you would include on your workspace, this is the desk for you. 

2. Safco Stand-Up Desk

Price: $178

The Safco stand-up desk is a great option if you have a keyboard, printer, or any other accessories you’d like to keep close to your computer since the desk has several shelves.

The desk also comes with decorative molded side panels which will keep any cables attached to your computer out of sight and out of mind. 

3. Refold Cardboard Standing Desk

Price: $200

The Refold Cardboard standing desk is one of the more unique home office standing desk options on our list. It’s packable and portable. It comes with handles built into the top panel, making it incredibly easy to move. If you’ve ever wanted to work in multiple areas of your house for a different daily view, this is a great option.

What makes it the most unique option is that it’s made entirely of cardboard. Anyone getting images of a cardboard box in their heads can rest easy, this desk is sturdy. It can hold up to 187 pounds. The environmentally conscious will be happy to hear the desk is also 100 percent recyclable, though we doubt you’ll want to get rid of it any time soon.  

4. Fancierstudio Riser Desk

Price: $180 

The Fancierstudio Riser Desk can support up to 30 pounds and two monitors. It’s a desk converter, meaning it can sit on top of an existing desk. The stability it provides means it will work on any type of counter space you have available. It’s adjustable, able to transition between eight different height levels. This gives you the option to transition between sitting and standing throughout your work day if you’d like.

5. Devaise Crank Desk

Price: $225

To the untrained eye, the Devaise looks like any other normal desk or table. It supports a weight capacity of 100 pounds, giving it decent sturdiness. It has a spacious desktop area. What differentiates it from other standing desks is a crank on the back allowing you to adjust the height. It goes as low as 29 inches and can go as high as 45 inches. 

6. ReadyDesk 2

Price: $150

Another desk converter, the ReadyDesk 2 can transform any tabletop into a versatile workspace. It also comes with adjustable shelves for storing anything else you may want to keep next to your laptop or PC. 

7. SDADI Mobile Stand-Up Desk 

Price: $68

Simple and elegant with a single shelf accompanying its desktop space, the SDADI Mobile stand up desk gives you the ability to adjust its height easily. It also has wheels, making it easy to move throughout your house. 

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