Recycled Items You Can Turn Into Creative Home Office Decor

If you work at home from your home office, you know you want to keep it organized as possible. But when you’re on a budget, you may think that you can’t have cool organizational pieces in your home office. The great news is that by using a few creative ideas, you can organize your office for almost free using recycled items. Organize and save the planet at the same time, what could be better?

To begin, look at the items you usually throw away in a new light. Generally speaking, cardboard boxes and other types of containers are what you’re looking for. Your next step is to come up with a color scheme, or a geometric theme like a checkered or floral pattern that is going to bring all your home office decorating elements together. 


The fact that jars are see-through makes them a great choice for office organization. Just collect jars of the same shape and size, wash them out thoroughly, and dress up the lid. Suddenly, you’ve got great storage, especially if your home office is on the smaller side. Jars help you stay organized because you can see exactly what is in them, and they look great lined up on a shelf. 

Mason jars are especially nice for storage because they give your office a rustic, country feel. You can get mason jars with screw on lids for free at your local grocery store, just scout out pasta sauce brands that come in these types of jars. You can either paint the lids, or cover them with a fabric that matches your office. 


You probably got quite a few home office organizational tools in your kitchen cupboards, and you just don’t realize it. That’s right, empty cracker, cereal, and rice boxes make perfect organizers. Choose a nice contact paper at your local department store and go to town covering them. Drop them inside drawers to organize paperwork and other items. You can also cut down half of one side to create your own magazine storage compartments. 

Shoe boxes are of course a timeless DIY storage solution. They work well for everything from paper storage to electronic items. Take shoe box home office storage up a notch by covering them with paper and applying a nice label to the outside. These boxes are stackable so work very well on shelving. 


Those wonderful little mint tins that you get for free when you buy your favorite breath fresheners really do have a million and one uses. Cover or paint them to match your home office theme and use a few ideas such as:

  • Stand them on their sides in a drawer and label them for small office supplies like paper clips, tacks, and stamps. 
  • Create a unique business card holder out of a larger tin that fits perfectly in your pocket or purse. 

You can also use empty tin cans for office storage. Wash them thoroughly and either use paint or decorative paper on the outside. You can group a few different sizes together and attach them with glue to form unique desktop organization. You can also stack tin cans into a square or pyramid shape and glue them together. This newly created compartmental storage unit can be placed on a shelf or hung on the wall. 

Remote workers rely on organization to keep their days humming, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, by using the ideas above, you’ll have a wonderfully organized office for free or almost free. Start collecting those jars, boxes, and tins and use them in creative ways for instant home office storage solutions. 

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