Remote Jobs That Are Perfect for People Who Love to Travel

Have you wanted to travel more, but just can’t find the time? The good news is that working from home greatly opens your schedule and makes your dreams of traveling the world easier than ever. Thousands of people have made the jump and ditched the office for a more flexible lifestyle. And while most remote jobs provide for greater travel opportunity by default, we’ve curated a list of remote jobs that are perfect for people who love to travel.

Travel writer

One of the best things about traveling is getting to share your experience with others. What better way to recount your travel adventures than to write about them? There are many jobs that allow you to make a living by writing about your adventures.

One of the most popular ways to share your travel adventures is through blogging. It might feel like blogging is so 2006, but many people are successfully making a full-time living running a blog. Plus, you may even get the added perks of press passes and free stays from companies looking to increase their exposure. 

But don’t be fooled. Blogging takes time. A travel blog is best suited for someone who can write well and is comfortable with computers. A good camera and ability to take eye-catching photos doesn’t hurt. 

Outside of blogging, there are plenty of opportunities to write about anything your heart desires. Companies are always looking for someone who will write their content so they don’t have to. Check into writing sites like Verblio or Constant Content or see if you can procure some private clients. 


Does it feel like you are constantly taking photos? Maybe a career in photography is right for you. You don’t need tons of schooling, you just need to be comfortable with a camera and editing software. 

College courses are a great way to learn a few tricks, but there is a ton of information online. A good quality camera and computer are essential for this job, so make sure that you have the money to invest in the right tools before taking the plunge. 

ESL teacher

Checking out a new part of the world is always fun. | Submitted by Camilo Luna

If you love teaching adults or kids, teaching English while you travel around the world may be the perfect fit. Don’t worry, you don’t need to know another language to be an ESL teacher, you just need to be fluent in English. 

There are many opportunities available for those who want to be an ESL teacher. Online companies like VIPKID and QKids allow you to set your own schedule and teach from anywhere that has an internet connection. Pay for these positions generally starts around $20 per hour, so you can totally make a full-time income doing this. Most positions do require a Bachelor’s degree and some experience with children. 

If you are interested in teaching but would like a more personal connection, check out job boards on sites like MyTefl to find openings in the locale you will be visiting. Many times you can even contact schools directly to see if they have any teaching positions available. 

Virtual assistant

In an age where more and more jobs are moving online, companies are outsourcing a lot of their work out to virtual assistants. Virtual assistant duties can vary and may include scheduling, data entry, phone calls, emails, and bookkeeping. Virtual assistant jobs are great for those who have prior office experience. But don’t let a lack of experience hold you back. There’s a variety of positions that require different skill sets. 

Social media manager

Who knew all that time scrolling on Facebook would finally pay off? In today’s world, an online presence is critical to a company’s success. If your company doesn’t have an active Twitter account, Facebook, and Instagram, you might as well hang up your hat. But many office managers either have no clue how social media works or they simply don’t have time to manage all of the company’s various accounts. 

That’s where social media managers come in. Social media managers are responsible for creating, sharing, and updating social media accounts for a company. They will usually monitor and respond to comments as well. A background in sales and marketing will give you an edge in this field. 

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