Rolling remote with Hannah Ballard

Hannah is a freelance content writer and community-builder, whose currently on a multi-year journey around the world. Since leaving her home in England in 2016, she’s made her way across four continents to her 18th and current home base: Melbourne, Australia. For most of 2018, she worked in the passenger seat of a camper van, but also frequents coffee shops, libraries, and coworking spaces (in Melbourne she suggests TwoSpace and OneRoof Melbourne). Next up? Bali.

Since jugging multiple clients while traveling isn’t easy, Hannah shares the details of her portable home office and the time-management philosophy she swears by. [Editor’s note: I’m so intrigued, I’m trying it out this week.]

Quick-fire profile

How many years have you worked remotely? 3 years

Where are you based? My home base is in the U.K., but I’m writing my way around the world and am currently in Melbourne, Australia.

Where do you spend most of your remote work hours? Home office, coworking space, coffee shop, and libraries.

Are you most productive in the morning or at night? Early bird

Coffee or tea? Coffee

Hannah working inside for a change of pace | Submitted by Hannah Ballard

Hannah’s workspace setup

What type of desk do you typically use?

I alternate between standing and sitting. I also use a laptop stand.

What features do you like most about your work space?

My set up is portable so I can make coffee shops more ergonomic

Do you share your work space with anyone? Tell us about them!

I work best alone at home or out of the house; I struggle to share my workspace
Work with a view | Submitted by Hannah Ballard

Remote work pros and cons: Hannah’s take

What are the biggest pros and cons of remote work for you?

Pros: schedule flexibility, travel flexibility, more time from cutting your commute, less stressful work environment

Cons: worse work-life balance, feeling isolated/less connected with colleagues, fighting the stigma of not working as hard as non-remote peers

Hannah finds working solo keeps her focused | Submitted by Hannah Ballard

Working remotely tips and tricks

What software technologies do you use on a regular basis?

Trello, Slack, Skype, GSuite

What habit allows you to be more productive during the day?

Planning days and tasks using the Pomodoro Technique

What are the 3 items you can’t live without while working remotely? (If you have a brand you love, please name them!)

  1. A powerbank
  2. Kogan adjustable laptop stand
  3. MINISO bluetooth keyboard + mouse

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