Rolling Remote With Kendal Paley

Kendal is a human resources generalist who clocks in from her home on wheels, a 2016 self-converted Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van. She travels with her husband Max, a musician, and their husky-malamute mix, Ralph. The three are slowing making their way to Alaska after spending some time in Baja, and are updating their blog and podcast ( as they go.

Below she shares how she makes working from the road possible.

Quick-fire profile

How many years have you worked remotely? 1 year

Where are you based? Denver, but I’m currently traveling full time

Where do you spend most of your remote work hours? Usually I can be found working in our 2016 self-converted Sprinter van; I fancy the bed and the front passenger seat as my “office” space. I’m also a big fan of public libraries when I need a better internet connection or printing abilities. Many of them have study rooms available for rent which can be nice for video conferencing.

Are you most productive in the morning or at night? Early bird

Coffee or tea? Coffee

Sunny work days in the van | Submitted by Kendal Paley

Kendal’s home office setup and decor

What type of desk do you use?

More often than not, I use a lap desk similar to this one, but the dresser in our van is tall enough that it can double as a standing desk when needed.

What type of chair do you use while at work?

The front passenger seat of the van, my camping chair, or my bed!

What features do you like most about your work space?

My home office is our adventure mobile! It gives me a quiet, serene space to take care of business before and after travel adventures. It’s taken us to so many beautiful and diverse locations to work. How many other people can say that their home office is a beach house, recording studio, ski house, and car all in one?!

Remote work pros and cons: Kendal’s take

What are the biggest pros and cons of remote work for you?

Pros: schedule flexibility, travel flexibility, better work-life balance, more time from cutting your commute, less stressful work environment

Cons: less focus, feeling isolated/less connected with colleagues, fighting the stigma of not working as hard as non-remote peers

Do you share your work space with anyone? Tell us about them!

I share my work space with my husband Max and my 4-year-old husky-malamute mix Ralph. Max is a professional musician so our travel is dictated in part by where he’s getting work. He’s also currently getting a master’s degree in nonprofit management and adds to the family finance pot through contract writing assignments.

We’re producing a podcast for fun so my home office is also a makeshift recording studio from time to time.

Kendal and Max getting down to business | Submitted by Kendal Paley

Working from home tips and tricks

What software technologies do you use on a regular basis?

Skype and G Suite

What habit allows you to be more productive during the day?

Having a daily routine for life while traveling full time is the No. 1 thing that keeps me productive. We try to keep a really similar daily schedule during the business week that has time built in for work, family hangs, and lots of adventures.

Usually, that looks like waking up early, going for a run with the dog, and logging a few hours of work while we have breakfast together. I’m a lover of lists so I absolutely always have a hardcover notebook around to keep my to-do list handy.

Kendal’s work spot for the day | Submitted by Kendal Paley

What are the 3 items you can’t live without while working remotely? (If you have a brand you love, please name them!)

  1. A hardcover notebook–currently loving the ones from Shinola
  2. My Logitech wireless mouse–I have a neon purple one which is awesome because it’s so bright that it’s nearly impossible to lose!
  3. ANY headphones that I can keep track of. I love music and find that just putting my headphones in can help me to buckle down and concentrate better.

Answers have been lightly edited and links were added.

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