Rolling remote with Nadia Steinbrecher

From 9-to-5, Nadia works as a registered dietitian, but in her downtime, she sews and sells ski masks through her Etsy shop LycraUnincorporated (Note: the “Zombie Catpocalypse” is too good to pass up).

Nadia lives the adventure-driven, mountain lifestyle herself; clocking in from campsites and riding her mountain bike over her lunch break. When she’s not climbing, skiing, or biking the mountains of Colorado, she escapes to Maui where she posts up on her best friend’s couch and gets her fill of beach time.

Nadia and her pup, Stella, working from a campsite. | Submitted by Nadia Steinbrecher

Quick-fire profile:

How many years have you worked remotely? 2 1/2 years

Where are you based? Ridgway, Colorado

Where do you spend most of your remote work hours? Kitchen table

Are you most productive in the morning or at night? Early bird

Mac or Windows? Windows

Coffee or tea? Coffee

Nadia’s home office setup and decor

What type of desk do you use?

Kitchen table or couch. Sometimes bed.


What type of chair do you use while at work?

Typically a kitchen stool.

What features do you like most about your home office or workspace?

I love staring at the mountains right outside my window. Oh, and my dog is pretty great too.


Do you share your workspace with anyone? Tell us about them!

My dog always, sometimes our cat, and occasionally my boyfriend.
Whenever she can get away, Nadia works from Maui | Submitted by Nadia Steinbrecher

Remote work pros and cons: Nadia’s take

What are the biggest pros of remote work for you?

Leggings 24/7. I can run or work out on lunch, cook while working, and clean on calls.
I’ve worked from campsites, taken mountain bike rides on lunch, made items for my Etsy shop on breaks, and frequently work from my best friend’s couch in Maui.
Working from a hammock should be on everyone’s bucket list | Submitted by Nadia Steinbrecher

Working from home tips and tricks

What habits allow you to be more productive in your day?

Drinking coffee, not working in bed, getting ample sleep, getting dressed every morning.


What are the top 3 items you can’t live without while working remotely?

  1. My electric kettle
  2. Apple headphones
  3. Wireless mouse

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