Rolling remote with Nate Smith

With one foot in a traditional office and the other in his camper van, Nate is part of the 43 percent of Americans who work remotely at least some of the time.

Nate owns Smith Law Firm, a law practice specializing in real estate, homeowners associations, environment, and public lands. He often clocks in from a traditional office, but whenever possible, Nate and his wife Ashley pack their laptops and labradors (Macgyver and Maggie) in their camper van and hit the road. The foursome searches out surf breaks and bike trails, often heading to the West Coast.

Quick-fire profile

How many years have you worked remotely? 3 years

Where are you based? Telluride, CO

When are you most productive? Afternoon

Coffee or tea? Coffee

Nate’s workspace setup and decor

What features do you like most about your work space?

Views of the San Miguel River at home and the Pacific Ocean when traveling.

Do you share your work space with anyone? Tell us about them!

With my wife while on the road.

Macgyver and Maggie waiting for the next adventure while Nate gets some work done from his comfy camper van. | Submitted by Nate Smith

Remote work pros and cons: Nate’s take

What are the biggest pros and cons of remote work for you?

Pros: travel flexibility, better work-life balance

Cons: less focus

Working from home tips and tricks

What software technologies do you use on a regular basis?

Dropbox and Google Voice

What habit allows you to be more productive during the day?


#vanlife | Courtesy @nrsmith83

What are the 3 items you can’t live without while working remotely? (If you have a brand you love, please name them!)

  1. MacBook Air
  2. iPhone
  3. Messenger bag

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