Remoter Confessionals

A Snake Snuck in My House and Showed Up During a Work Call

“We’ve been remodeling for over a year and sometimes will leave the door open for long periods while construction supplies are getting in or out of the house. Over the summer, a garter snake snuck in and hid in our bedroom for a couple days, always slithering away when we spotted him. I was on a coaching call with a new employee and saw the snake stick it’s head out of the table saw set up next to our bedroom. I muted the call and grabbed the snake (mind you I’m HORRIFIED of snakes and was cursing the whole time) and was able to relocate him outside while the employee kept talking.

I didn’t tell her on the phone, but did send an apology email later explaining what happened and the reason behind my brief silence on the call. Still not sure if she believes my story!!”

Heading back to the wild, where he belongs. | Courtesy image

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