Standing Desk Accessories: What Do You Need for Your Home Office Standing Desk?

Assuming you’ve followed the trends and kept your comfort in mind, you’ve got your very own home office standing desk. With this home office setup, you’ll be able to move around while you work, stand to alleviate stress on your back, and use your space effectively. 

But, now what do you need to accompany your standing desk? There are lots of ways to accessorize your space to make sure your office is organized, efficient, and a wonderful space to work

Monitor stand

No matter what height your desk is, you’ll want to incorporate an adjustable monitor stand to help you with achieving the best angles for viewing your screen. 

Floor mat

If your feet start to hurt after you’ve been standing for a while it’s likely the surface you’re standing on. You’ll need to get an anti-fatigue mat, something similar to what you see cashiers standing on in the grocery stores. 

Exercise and balance equipment

One cool thing about standing at your desk to work is that you can do all kinds of things while you’re standing there. Try out one of these balance boards to work on your posture and strength training while you work. You can even buy small, under desk treadmills to work on getting all your steps in while you work. Although we all agree that leaving your desk from time to time is an important mental break in your day, it is nice to also be able to move and work at the same time. 

If you have some options in your room for sitting, there are tiny elliptical machines and even mini-bikes in which you can pedal away some calories while also completing your tasks. 

Step stool or footrest

If you have a chair for your standing desk, chances are it is bar stool height. This can lead to your legs dangling unnaturally for long periods of time. To alleviate any discomfort it is important to add a footrest to your standing desk, for those times when you aren’t standing. 

A step stool can be helpful too, for use while you are standing. Placing one foot on the stool for a while can allow you to shift your body weight a bit to alleviate pressure on your joints. 

Home office organization tools

The best office spaces utilize excellent organizational tools to keep supplies, paperwork and chaos under control. Consider adding pencil cups, folders, and file boxes to control the clutter. Drawer organizers work great to keep supplies under control and don’t even need to be stored in a drawer to look nice and organized. 

A storage plan

Because you have so much more space under your standing desk, you’ll want to utilize as much of that space for clever storage as possible. You can get under the desk mounts for your computer tower, and also find excellent paper storage devices what will fit nicely under your desk. 

Alternate seating

If standing all day isn’t your favorite idea, you can incorporate some extra seating too. The best way to accessorize your home office is to find materials that match your standing desk. If you have a wooden desk, look for the same stains and styles in the rest of your office furniture to keep the aesthetic the same throughout your space. 

Need some ideas for home office seating? Try out some comfortable office chairs and small, portable desks. Or invest in some cozy armchairs and small end tables to switch up your workspace throughout the day. If reading through your email sounds more appealing while curled up in a furry blanket on a comfy couch, do it. 


No office space is complete without bringing in a little of your own personality. Hanging some inspiring wall art above your standing desk is a great way to give your eyes something helpful to look at while you work. 

Also, we’ve long praised the many benefits of having plants in the office. Adding some low maintenance greenery is an affordable and beautiful way to accessorize your space. 

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