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9 Gear Items You Need to Create the Ultimate Home Office

Working from home allows you to influence corporate meetings from the comfort of your couch and your PJs, however, to be productive it helps to have a great office space from which to conquer the world. Creating the ultimate office space is as easy as collecting a few key items to make your work day run …

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DIY Home Office Decor to Freshen-up Your Workspace

Looking for ways to get a fresh look in your home office, but don’t want to shell out a lot of cash? Doing things yourself is an easy way to update your home office decor on the cheap. You can do a crafty project or simply use everyday items in new ways. If your workspace is …

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Joanna Gaines Inspired Home Office Decor

Modern farmhouse design is sweeping the country, and home offices are no exception to the trend. Joanna Gaines is leading the way with her gorgeous and functional style that is perfect for your workspace, whether you have a big or small space to work with. Joanna Gaines’ home office decor is simple and classic, with a twist …

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Hipsterize Your Home Office Set Up With These Clever Finds

The key when adding a hipster element to your home office setup is to incorporate subtle finds without seeming to try too hard. True hipsters define themselves as mysterious, creative, and cool. If you want to bask in this coolness, we’ve got some of the best items to add to your work from home office set up. …

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Great Home Office Ideas to Tackle Clutter

Conquering clutter is at the top of everyone’s list these days, and your home office should be no exception. In fact, your home office should be the first spot that you get organized. An organized office increases your productivity and peace of mind, and provides you with a professional space to further your career. Here are some …

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Home Office Setup Ideas for Limited Spaces

The concept of working from home is an approach that both employers and employees are embracing today for various reasons. But as much as your house is cozy and comfortable, you need a space where you can concentrate on your official duties away from the couch, which is why you should consider having a home …

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The Best Home Office Plants for Every Type of Workspace

Take a cue from our Remoter, Jess, who’s home office is full of plants: Adding some greenery spruces up even the simplest of workspaces. Plants do more than add a pop of color to your desk or office, they can improve your mental health. Psychology Today reports that indoor plants boost your mood and help you …

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Home Office Ideas From People Who Work From Home

Setting up your home office can be liberating, but 60 percent of polled Remoters still say their home office needs work. First, you have to take into account the space you have to work with and how much money you’re willing to spend on your home office. Once you have a home office idea established, …

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Rolling remote with Julia Mullaney

Julia writes about health, fitness, culture, and entertainment for The Cheat Sheet. But once she signs off for the day, her creativity doesn’t stop. She’s a food writer and runs SimplyDeliciousBlog.com, a site where she shares original, simple recipes that she started curating in college. Julia also wrote a cookbook geared toward millennial men. Below, Julia tells …